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CCI Powder by Corroless
  • CCI Powder by Corroless

Corroless - CCI Powder - Corrosion Inhibitor

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CCI Powder by Corroless is a vapour phase corrosion inhibitor (VCI), offering a convenient and effective means of protecting against corrosion in enclosed areas.

Available in bags of 250g

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Corroless - CCI Powder - A finely divided solid which gradually volatilises, producing a vapour which protects steel and other metals from corrosion. It is primarily intended for use in the offshore industry where plant is temporarily taken out of service and requires anticorrosive protection during downtime. This powerful Corrosion Inhibitor can be blown into pipework, void spaces, box sections and similar, where normal anticorrosive protection would be impossible.
It can be discharged into the marine environment (subject to normal legislative restrictions) and it has been accepted onto the ‘List for Approved Products suitable for use by the North Sea Oil and Gas Industry’ and is OCNS registered.


  • Subject to normal government restrictions, this powdered inhibitor can be discharged into the marine environment
  • The Corrosion Inhibitor powder can be blown into cavities and complex equipment where application of a conventional coating would not be possible
  • Offers multi metal protection 
  • It is not usually necessary to remove the powder prior to commissioning equipment
  • Applications include cavity and void space protection, tanks, pipe internals,box sections, valves etc.


  • The quantity of CCI Powder required should be estimated from the air space to be protected:
    24 months protection 15 g/litre or 525 g/m³
    12 months protection 10 g/litre or 350 g/m³
    6 months protection 7 g/litre or 245 g/m³
  • The powder should be blown into the cavity or tank using bellows or low pressure compressed air, until all the powder is thoroughly dispersed within the void space
  • Immediately after application all vents, doors, or openings should be sealed to create a contained system, to prevent loss of VCI vapour
  • During application all vessels and plant, together with all application equipment, should be earthed and all possible ignition sources removed

Available in bags of 250g


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Corroless - CCI Powder - Corrosion Inhibitor

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CCI Powder by Corroless

Corroless - CCI Powder - Corrosion Inhibitor

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£40.20 Tax incl.