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Teknos – Futura Aqua 20/40/80

From £13.80
For a rich, satin finish for internal and external wood or metal work. Waterborne urethane alkyd based top coat for detached and fixed furniture indoors and outdoors.

Maker Coating – Clean & Etch

£19.26 Ex VAT
Maker Coating Clean & Etch is an etching solution designed to clean and degrease bare concrete surfaces to improve penetration and adhesion of coatings, paints, stains and sealants.

Mapei – Silancolor Paint

From £41.69
Silancolor Paint is a silicone resin based paint that has the advantage of traditional mineral based paints (Silexcolor Paint) as well as synthetic paints. Thanks to Silancolor Paint’s special formula, it leaves the substrate permeable to water vapour and considerably water repellent.

Rustoleum – AMW Fungicidal Wash

£20.40 Ex VAT
Rustoleum AMW Fungicidal Wash is a problem solving solution for cleaning your roofs, driveways, walls and additional surfaces to protect them against mould, fungi and algae.

Rustoleum – Pegakote Floor Paint

From £36.15
Pegakote Floor Paint is a water-based epoxy coating for interior use on flooring surfaces. This product can be applied directly on most mineral substrates such as old concrete, tiles and glass. Best uses This extremely durable product is ideal for garages, warehouses, showrooms, corridors, covered car parks and workshops.

Rustoleum – Combicolor Metal Paint

From £16.50
Rust Oleum Combicolor Metal Paint 7300/7400 is primer and topcoat in one.  Can be applied on bare, manually de-rusted or with CombiPrimer Anti-Corrosion 3369/3380 primed steel. CombiColor Metal is intended for brush and roller application and can also be applied by air spray.

Teknos – Total Primer

From £57.00
Total by Teknos is suitable for priming parquet and wooden floors using steel trowel as application method. To be used in combination with Teknos parquet lacquers.

Teknos – Timantti Clean

From £28.95
Timantti Clean by Teknos is a semi-matt water-borne acrylate dispersion paint, it contains BioCote® silver phosphate glass antimicrobial technology to preserve the coating surface and prevent colonisation and degradation caused by microbial growth once applied to the intended substrate.

Rustoleum – Secco Super

From £27.09
Secco Super is a superb, colourless water repellent treatment for porous exterior walls and surfaces

Trimite – One Pack Primer/Sealer

£59.56 Ex VAT
Trimite One Pack Primer has been formulated as a fast drying primer and is widely used in a variety of systems, on ferrous and plastic substrates.

Mapei – Aquaflex Roof HR

£95.88 Ex VAT
Aquaflex Roof HR is a white fibre filled, liquid roofing membrane in water emulsion with high solar reflectance and thermal emittance.

Maker Coating – Styrefill HZ

£22.95 Ex VAT
StyreFill floor & wall filler is a pre-accelerated, lightweight, BPO cured, polyester general purpose fairing/filling paste for GRP, wood and concrete.

PPG – Hi-Temp 1000

PPG Hi-Temp 1000 is a one component, heat-resistant, universal silicone topcoat for use in elevated temperature systems. Replaces Hi-Temp 1000 V / VS / VHA.

Mapei – Mape-Antique FC Civile

£21.94 £18.90
Salt-resistant, fine-grained natural hydraulic lime skimming mortar for a natural finish on render
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