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  • Acothane UK

    Acothane Protective Coatings

    Acothane DW Solvent Free Polyurethane Protective Coatings are the most effective corrosion and erosion resistant protective water tank coatings for the refurbishment of all types of water and liquid retaining structures manufactured from Concrete, Steel or Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).

  • Acrypol

    Acrypol Products

    Acrypol has over 30 years experience in quality roofing repair and waterproofing products, using knowledge from industry professionals and chemical scientists to create a range of innovative and effective waterproofing products.

  • Arbo Sealants

    Arbo Sealants

    ARBO® brand sealants are respected throughout the building, glazing and construction industries by architects and contractors, and with specialist products available for marine, automotive and industrial sectors they have an extremely comprehensive customer base.

  • Axalta Coating Systems

    Axalta Coating Systems

    Axalta (formerly Spencer Coatings) is a global coatings company focused on providing customers with innovative, colorful and sustainable solutions. With more than 150 years of experience in the coatings industry, Axalta continues to find ways to serve more than 100,000 customers with the finest coatings, application systems and technology.

  • Axus Decor

    Axus Decor

    Axus Decor's portfolio of products is comprised of high quality, professional decorating tools and accessories that cover the span of a project, from protection to clean-up.

  • Bollom

    Bollom Paints

    The Bollom brand has been associated with fire protection coatings technology since its conceptual stage in the early 1970s. Since then the range has grown into one of the most comprehensive on the UK market.

  • Boud

    Boud Mineral Products

    Boud have over 30 years’ experience in blending and packing granular and powder products. They produce own label products for many large manufacturers and formulators of specialist dry mix products.

  • C-Tec Sealants

    C-Tec Sealants

    C-TEC specialise in high quality and exclusive problem solving products, which are developed by listening to our customers and what the market demands.

  • Ciret

    Ciret Products

    Ciret Ltd manufacturers and suppliers of quality painting and decorating products. They provide expert solutions to the trade and retail industry.

  • Coo-Var

    Coo Var Paints

    Coovar been partnering with their customers for more than hundred years and the result is a range of exceptional, problem-solving products – including their enduring, well-known floor paints. 

  • Corroless

    Corroless Paints

    Formulated to protect against the most corrosive environments, Corroless products have been protecting vital iron and steel structures from the expensive ravages of corrosion for over a century.

  • Dronco

    Dronco Cutting Discs & Abrasives

    DRONCO is among the top 5 of Europe's leading manufacturers in the field of abrasives and sells its products worldwide in approximately 120 countries.

  • Envirograf

    Envirograf Paint & Products

    The Envirograf brand was established in 1983 and it quickly evolved to become a leading force in passive fire products. Its reputation as innovator and developer of passive fire products is widely recognised, and its commitment to product research and development is second to none.

  • Fassa Bortolo

    Fassa Bortolo Products

    Offering a vast range of products to meet the needs of the UK building industry, Fassa has a solution for every project from specialist internal plasters through to lime-based systems and BBA certified renders.

  • Flexcrete

    Flexcrete Products

    Flexcrete Ltd is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of technical mortars and high performance coatings. The company has specialised in concrete repair and protection since 1983 and now offer a huge range of Products and Services to a vast range of Market Sectors.

  • Impra

    Impra Wood Coatings

    Since 1997, the company has been trading under the name of Rutgers Organics and focuses on the protection and the design of wood both indoors and outdoors. 

  • Johnstone's Trade

    Johnstone Paints

    Johnstone's has a long history as one of the UK's foremost professional trade paint brands and has enjoyed a presence in the market since 1890.

  • Jotun

    Jotun Paints UK

    Jotun has organised its global operations into seven regions responsible for the sale of decorative paints and marine, protective and powder coatings.

  • Kana

    Kana Brushes

    Kana makes up one of the ciret brands and includes their top quality brushes. From our Premier range to our DIY range, we all know how important having the right brush for your job is.

  • MainMan

    MainMan Products

    Main Man is very well established and prides itself on being 'big enough to cope but small enough to care'.

  • Maker Coating Systems

    Our Coating Systems

    Maker Coating Systems Ltd is a Devon based, family run business that began in 1979, since then we’ve become a leading independent distributor of specialist maintenance and refurbishment products throughout the South of the UK.

  • Mapei

    Mapei Products

    Founded in Milan in 1937, Mapei is today the world leader in the production of adhesives and chemical products for the building industry. Mapei products have been used in thousands of projects all around the world, from large-scale projects to commercial spaces, from residential projects to works of public interest

  • Maxkote

    Maxkote Products

    Maxkote have over 20 years experience in the repair and maintenance industry and offer the MaxKote range of polymer-based engineering solutions and protection systems.

  • Natural Cement

    Natural Cement Products

    Natural Cement Distribution manufacture a range of mortars, grouts, Gunite and concrete repair products based on a natural binder which has been in use successfully for over 200 years.

  • Parex

    Parex Mortars, Grout & Repair Products

    Parex is a key manufacturer of a broad range of specialist mortars, anchors, highways products, hard landscaping mortars, advanced renders and repair materials used in construction, refurbishment and civil engineering.

  • PPG Paints

    PPG Paints

    PPG was founded in 1883 when Capt. John B. Ford and John Pitcairn started the first commercially successful plate glass factory in the United States at Creighton, Pa. Known as the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., the enterprise focused on innovation and quality…and nearly 140 years later, PPG is still dedicated to these priorities.


  • Pro XL

    Pro XL

    Pro XL is an industry leader with game-changing technology, their aerosol technology has enabled small, SMART automotive repairs to have a comparable finish to traditional 2K products.

  • Prodec

    Prodec Painting & Decorating Products

    ProDec is one of several brands owned by Rodo, a successful fourth generation family business based in Ashton under Lyne, Manchester. With 90 years of rich heritage to draw on, ProDec has grown to be the UK’s most widely distributed trade decorating accessories brand.

  • Refina

    Refina Tools

    REFINA Ltd was established in 1985 and is celebrating 36 years of supplying power tools, equipment, hand tools and trowels to the plaster, flooring, concrete, repair and paint trades

  • Rustoleum

    Rustoleum Paints & Primers

    Since the formation of Rust-Oleum Corporation in 1921 the business has grown into a worldwide provider of decorative and protective paints and coatings for both home and industrial use.

  • Sherwin-Williams

    Sherwin Williams Paint

    Sherwin-Williams is a global leader in coating products such as paint, lacquer, stains, oils and fillers. In Europe, Middle East and Africa, Sherwin-Williams is focused on professional coatings for companies and industries.

  • Sika

    Sika Damp Proofing Products

    Sika is a specialty chemicals company with a leading position in the development and production of systems and products for bonding, sealing, damping, reinforcing, and protecting in the building sector and motor vehicle industry.

  • t2 Rifles

    t2 Rifles

    t2 Rifles manufacture quality semi-automatic and straight-pull AR15 rifles, in the UK.
  • Teknos

    Teknos Paints & Primers

    Teknos are a leading manufacturer of exterior joinery coatings with an exceptional reputation for quality, durability, outstanding customer and technical advice coupled with great service.

  • Tor Coatings

    Tor Coatings & Paints

    Established in 1975, Tor Coatings is a pioneer in the field of high performance, technologically advanced liquid coatings for the interior and exterior protection and decoration of buildings.

  • Trimite

    Trimite Coatings

    Trimite develops and manufactures high performance and technologically superior coatings for a range of sectors including defence, aerospace, automotive, railway and heavy industrial.

  • Webac

    Webac Building Repair Products

    WEBAC is a medium-sized family business and has been producing high-quality special products for the protection and maintenance of buildings since 1978.

  • Weber

    Weber Products

    Weber are a world leader in industrial mortars with expertise and knowledge throughout the world. They are apart of Saint-Gobain, the world leader in the habitat and construction market, creating and delivering innovative and high performance solutions to enhance our habitat and our daily life

  • Zinsser

    Zinsser Paints & Primers

    Innovation. Quality. Problem solving. Zinsser was founded on these principles in 1849 and has remained true to its original charter for more than 150 years.