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    Teknos - Nordica Matt - Exterior Wood Paint

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    Teknos - Nordica Matt is a full-matt water-borne acrylate-based paint for wooden surfaces outdoors. NORDICA MATT has a matt and hard surface that is dirt-repellent and retains its appearance and colour for a very long time.

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    Teknos - Nordica Matt is a full-matt water-borne acrylate-based paint for wooden surfaces outdoors. NORDICA MATT has a matt and hard surface that is dirt-repellent and retains its appearance and colour for a very long time.

    Reccomended Use

    For new and previously with acrylate paint painted wooden surfaces and for industrially primed and/or undercoated wooden surfaces, e.g. exterior walls, facial boards and weather boards. May also be used for maintenance painting on most old oil and alkyd paints, if the surfaces are in good condition.

    Surface preparation

    New Wooden Surface:

    Treat the surface as soon as possible. At least the impregnation and priming would be best done in the summer of construction. Remove from the surface all loose matter, dirt, dust and mildew. If needed, use RENSA FACADE facade cleaner.

    Previously Painted Or Old Wooden Surface:

    Replace wooden parts that are in poor condition. Remove loose matter, dirt and dust. Remove loose and poorly adherent old paint. Wash the surface with RENSA FACADE facade cleaner. Remove the deteriorated paint coats carefully. The adherence of an old thick paint layer to the substrate may have been weakened, therefore the paint should be removed completely although the paint film looks intact. The old paint layer is removed by scraping, by wire brushing or by burning off (e.g. by warm-air heater or infrared heater). Secondarily paint remover or blasting can be used.

    Clean rusty steel parts: by sanding, wire brushing eg. The surface of old oil paint coats may be in poor condition: heavily chalked, dusty and brittle. These types of surfaces must be carefully cleaned so, that the new paint adheres properly to the substrate. Some traditional paint types, such as red ochre paint and paraffin oil paint, produce such a brittle and dusty surface, that they can't be maintenance painted with NORDICA MATT. If there is doubt about the adhesion, it must be ensured by test painting.


    Prime bare wooden surface with clear wood preservative from the WOODEX series.

    The surface treated with priming oil is then primed with NORDICA PRIMER. If the surface is an old wooden surface primed with oil or painted with oil paint, use solvent-borne PUUPOHJA alkyd primer diluted 10-15 % by volume. Rusting steel surfaces are primed with FERREX AQUA anticorrosive paint. Also the end grains of industrially primed and/or undercoated timber needs to be treated with priming oil or primed before applying top coat. Top coating Before use stir the paint thoroughly. Dilute the paint 5 - 10 % by volume by water, when required. Reserve a sufficient amount of paint in the same vessel for each uniform surface. Colour differences will thus be avoided. Apply the paint by brush. If the paint is applied by airless spray, the surface is to be finished by a brush. Recommended airless spray nozzle is 0.015 - 0.019".

    Application conditions

    The surface to be painted has to be dry. The moisture of the wood must be below 20% of the dry weight of the wood. During the application and drying period (also the following night after the painting work needs to be taken into account), the temperature of the ambient air, the surface and the paint shall be above +5°C and the relative air humidity below 80%.

    TEK - NM

    Data sheet

    Water Based
    0.9L, 2.7L & 9L
    Tintable to many colours
    5 - 8 m²/l
    For Use On
    Application Method
    Brush & Spray
    Recoat Time (23°C)

    Specific References

    Data Sheets Available for Download:

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    Teknos - Nordica Matt - Exterior Wood Paint

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    Teknos - Nordica Matt - Exterior Wood Paint

    Tax excluded
    £17.69 Tax incl.