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    Flexcrete - Monodex ICB
    • Flexcrete - Monodex ICB

    Flexcrete - Monodex ICB Crack-bridging Filler

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    Monodex ICB is a highly versatile, ready mixed, elastomeric compound with thixotropic properties for multiple applications including flexible crack bridging and the filling of other surface defects.

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    Monodex ICB is an elastomeric, intermediate, water-based crack-bridging filler and coating which is designed for use where enhanced crack-bridging properties are required. It is capable of bridging existing cracks up to 1mm and also acts as a filler for pores, cavities and blowholes.


    • Versatile; can be trowel applied or diluted with water for roller and spray application. Can also be mixed with sand as a mortar.
    • Water-based and low odour and so cures rapidly without the release of hazardous solvents.
    • Active encapsulated in-film biocide inhibits the growth of mould, mildew and lichens.
    • Fills cracks, pores, cavities and blowholes and has a high solids content to minimise shrinkage in deeper applications.
    • Economic material requiring no substrate or inter-layer priming. Existing paint finishes can have it applied.
    • Excellent crack-bridging properties even at temperatures as low as -20ºC.
    • Able to bridge cracks and joints up to 1mm.
    • High diffusion resistance to carbon dioxide, enhancing the anti-carbonation performance.
    • Low water vapour diffusion resistance allows damp substrates to breathe and dry out without blistering.
    • Intermediate coat designed for complete compatibility with Flexcrete Monodex anti-carbonation membranes.

    Supplied as a ready-mixed paste for ease of use, it is highly cost-effective and can be applied straight onto the substrate as no primers are required. Monodex ICB also has excellent anti-carbonation properties. It therefore offers enhanced performance and even greater anti-carbonation protection when used in conjunction with Monodex Smooth, Monodex Textured, Monodex Ultra or Monodex UVC.

    As Monodex ICB is water-based, it has minimal VOC levels. Because of this, it releases ultra-low odour during application. This makes it ideal for use in sensitive or enclosed environments.

    Typical applications include:

    • Outdoor exposed concrete surfaces with a high risk of cracking.
    • Commercial buildings, residential housing, hotels, offices
    • Industrial buildings and fast-track construction or refurbishment projects.

    Application Instructions


    Areas to be treated must be free from unsound material, i.e. dust, oil, grease, corrosion by-products and organic growth. Mechanically remove surface laitance and any soft, sandy or flaking material. Use techniques to achieve the required degree of preparation, such as wet grit or water blasting techniques or equivalent approved methods. Flexcrete Concrete Repair Mortars must be allowed to cure for a minimum of 24 hours. Leave concrete and cementitious screeds or renders for a minimum of 10 days, preferably 28 days. Our Technical Department will advise on treating other substrates.

    Priming of Concrete

    No primers required. On highly absorbent surfaces dilute 2 parts MONODEX ICB with 1 part clean water by weight and apply at a coverage rate of 5m²/l/ by brush or roller as a sealing coat. Ensure substrate moisture content is less than 20% wood moisture equivalent prior to application and ensure complete coverage. Rough or porous surfaces will increase consumption. For further information, please refer to relevant Data Sheet and Priming Guide.

    Coating Application

    Apply MONODEX ICB by brush, roller, trowel or airless spray depending on the application. When used as an intermediate coat apply by brush, roller or airless spray techniques at the coverage rates below ensuring that a uniform film is achieved and that all blow holes and surface defects have been filled. To reduce surface texture for roller application, dilute up to 5% with clean water. Dilute up to 10% with water for airless spray application. Apply a second coat as required. For use as a profiling mortar bulk out with up to 20% by weight of a 0.1-0.3mm clean kiln dried sand and apply by trowel to achieve the desired finish (Bulking with sand will alter properties). 

    Allow to dry for 1-4 hours in ideal conditions until touch dry before applying a second coat. To assist application and to act as a guide to coverage rates, each coat may be applied in a contrasting colour.


    Data sheet

    Water Based
    For Use On
    capable of bridging existing cracks up to 1mm and also acts as a filler for pores, cavities and blowholes
    Application Method
    Trowel, Roller or Spray

    Specific References

    Data Sheets Available for Download:

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    Flexcrete - Monodex ICB Crack-bridging Filler

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    Flexcrete - Monodex ICB

    Flexcrete - Monodex ICB Crack-bridging Filler

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    £95.76 Tax incl.