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PPG - NovaGuard 840 - Epoxy Coating
  • PPG - NovaGuard 840 - Epoxy Coating

PPG - NovaGuard 840 - Epoxy Coating

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PPG NovaGuard 840 is a two-component, solvent-free, amine-cured novolac phenolic epoxy coating suitable for heavy H2S wastewater environments. such environments include unleaded fuel tanks, particularly in aviation, with good chemical & solvent resistance, especially to crude oil up to 120°C (250°F).

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PPG Sigma NovaGuard 840 is a two component, solvent free, amine cured, phenolic epoxy coating, designed to protect tank exteriors while reducing the potential of explosions and fires.


  • Suitable for heavy H2S wastewater environments
  • Suitable for use on primed steel or direct to concrete/masonry
  • Good visibility due to light color
  • Glossy and smooth appearance
  • Reduced explosion risk and fire hazard
  • Suitable for storage of unleaded gasolines
  • Good chemical resistance against a wide range of chemicals and solvents
  • A clear (semi-transparent) version is available for systems reinforced with chopped glass fibers or glass fibre mats
  • Excellent resistance to crude oil up to 120°C (250°F)
  • Can be applied by heavy-duty, single-feed, airless spray equipment (60:1)
  • Meets the requirements of EI 1541 2.2 (coating systems for aviation fuel storage tanks and pipes)
  • Meets NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for potable water when applied and used as described on http://info.nsf.org/

Recommended Substrate Conditions and Temperatures

Carbon steel

  • Steel; blast cleaned to a minimum of SSPC-SP10 or ISO-SA2½ , blasting profile 50 – 125 µm (5.0 mils) (2.0 – 5.0 mils)
  • Steel with suitable primer (NOVAGUARD 260 or PHENGUARD 930) must be dry and free from any contamination


  • Remove grease, oil and other penetrating contaminants according to ASTM D4258
  • Abrade the surface per ASTM D4259 to remove all chalk and surface glaze or laitance. Achieve surface profile - ICRI CSP 3 to 5
  • NOVAGUARD 840 with PPG 884 Additive or AMERCOAT 114A may be used as a pit filler for certain applications. 
  • Maximum recommended moisture transmission rate is 3 lbs / 1,000 ft2 / 24 hours by moisture transmission test (ASTM F1869, calcium chloride test or by ASTM D4263, plastic sheet test)
  • Moisture content should not exceed 4% (ASTM D4944, Calcuim Carbide Gas method)

Substrate temperature and application conditions

  • Substrate temperature during application and curing should be above 5°C (41°F)
  • Substrate temperature during application and curing should be at least 3°C (5°F) above dew point

Instructions For Use 

Mixing ratio by volume: base to hardener 80:20 (4:1)

  • The temperature of the mixed base and hardener should preferably be at least 20°C (68°F)
  • At lower temperature, the viscosity will be too high for spray application
  • No thinner should be added
  • For recommended application instructions, see working procedure

Airless spray

  • Use heavy-duty, single-feed, airless spray equipment, preferably 60:1 pump ratio and suitable high-pressure hoses/inline heating or insulated hoses may be necessary to avoid cooling down of paint in hoses at low air temperature
  • Length of hoses should be as short as possible

Recommended thinner

No thinner should be added

Nozzle orifice

Approx. 0.53 mm (0.021 in)

Nozzle pressure

  • At 20°C (68°F) paint temperature min. 28.0 MPa (approx. 280 bar; 4061 p.s.i.).
  • At 30°C (86°F) min. 22.0 MPa (approx. 220 bar; 3191 p.s.i.)


  • Brush: for stripe coating and spot repair only

Recommended thinner

No thinner should be added

Cleaning solvent

THINNER 90-53 or THINNER 90-83

Notes: - Paint inside the spraying equipment must be removed before the pot life has been expired - All application equipment must be cleaned immediately after use

PPG Paints
PPG -NG840

Data sheet

3.3m²/L at 300µ
For Use On
Application Method
Brush & Spray
Recoat Time (20°c)

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PPG - NovaGuard 840 - Epoxy Coating

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PPG - NovaGuard 840 - Epoxy Coating

PPG - NovaGuard 840 - Epoxy Coating

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£909.22 Tax incl.