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Corroless ACO LV Sealer

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Corroless ACO LV Sealer is a solvent free, two pack polyurethane sealer for concrete, for use with specified Corroless ACO products.

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Corroless ACO LV Sealer is a solvent free, two pack polyurethane sealer for concrete, for use with specified Corroless ACO products.


  • Use for the priming of concrete, plaster etc. prior to application of a Corroless ACO finishing system, or as a saturation coating for concrete

Surface Preparation

  • All surfaces to be coated should be dry and cleaned as necessary to remove all oil, grease, salts or other contamination
  • Remove all laitance and other contaminants by the most appropriate methods, such as blast cleaning. Ensure the concrete is dry to a reading of <16% on the Wood Moisture Equivalent (WME) scale


Mix only in the proportions stated, mixing each component individually then together using a mechanical agitator.

Activator must be added to base and thoroughly mixed to ensure an even mix throughout the container – at least 2 minutes mixing time is recommended. Care must be taken to avoid unmixed material being left on sides and bottom of can.

Decanting mixed material into a plastic container and further mixing is recommended. Plastic container may be recovered for further use when coating has cured.


Do not thin 


Axalta Thinner Fast Industrial TH120 (formerly called No.4 Thinner)

Application Conditions

Do not apply when rain, mist, sleet or snow are imminent. Normal application requires relative humidity below 80%. To avoid risk of condensation, application should be performed only when the surface temperature is at least 3°C (5°F) above
the dew point. Application at temperatures below 1°C (33°F) must be carefully monitored, since the possible presence of ice on the surface (or in pores, in the case of concrete) will result in poor performance.

Product Notes

  • Activator contains isocyanates – refer to Safety Data Sheet
  • If maximum overcoating times are exceeded, abrading is required to provide adhesion for further coats
  • In-service temperature limits: Wet – 0oC to 70oC depending on solution; Dry – minus 20oC to + 120oC continuous
  • In order to comply with WRAS certification, a minimum cure time of 14 days at 7oC is required before contact with drinking water

Data sheet

5.0 m2 /litre
For Use On
Application Method
Brush & Roller
Recoat Time (23°C)
2 hrs

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Corroless ACO LV Sealer

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Corroless ACO LV Sealer

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£110.87 Tax incl.