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Mapei Planiseal 88 - Formerly Idrosilex Pronto
  • Mapei Planiseal 88 - Formerly Idrosilex Pronto

Mapei Planiseal 88 - Formerly Idrosilex Pronto

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Mapei Planiseal 88 is a Osmotic cementitious mortar suitable for contact with drinking water, for waterproofing masonry and concrete structures.

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Mapei Planiseal 88 is a Osmotic cementitious mortar suitable for contact with drinking water, for waterproofing masonry and concrete structures.

Recommended Use

  • Repairing underground masonries subject to water and moisture seepage in situations with negative pressure up to 1 atmosphere.
  • Waterproofing basins, reservoirs, concrete or masonry tanks and pipes containing drinking water.
  • Waterproofing concrete or masonry tanks containing sewage water

Application Examples


  • drinking water reservoirs:
  • interior and exterior cellar walls;
  • damp areas; - swimming-pools;
  • lift-rooms;
  • underground passages;
  • foundation walls;
  • irrigation channels.


Preparing the substrate

The surface to be waterproofed must be perfectly clean and sound.

Remove crumbly or loose parts, dust, cement laitance, form release agents, varnishes and paint by mechanical brushing,

sanding or high water pressure.

If water keeps leaking through concrete structures, block the leak beforehand with Lamposilex.

Renders must be perfectly anchored to the substrate. Seal cracks in the substrate and repair damaged parts with suitable products from the Mapegrout line. Completely soak the substrate with water.

Wait for the evaporation of the excess water. If necessary, in order to accelerate the operation, use a sponge or compressed air.

Preparing the mortar

Pour 4.2 - 4.6 litres of water into a suitable container and slowly add the Planiseal 88 while blending with a mechanical mixer.

Mix thoroughly for some minutes, taking care to blend in all the unmixed powder deposited on the sides and bottom of the bucket, until the mortar is completely blended (free from lumps).

Leave the mortar to stand for approximately 10 minutes, remix and apply

Applying the mortar

Apply Planiseal 88 with a brush, trowel or spray.

Application by brush requires 2-3 coats. Make sure the previous coat is sufficiently dry before applying the next (generally 5-6 hours depending on the temperature and the absorption of the substrate. In order to have perfect adhesion between the coats, it is recommended not to exceed 24 hours).

Make sure the product penetrates deeply in the substrate and particular care must be taken to cover corners and coves.

When application is by trowel, it is recommended to treat the substrate with Planiseal 88 using a brush for the first coat.

When spraying, a normal rendering machine (including a rendering machine with bowl-type spray gun) can be used making sure to mix the product beforehand. After having soaked the substrate, apply the mix by spray in two layers.

Apply the second one when the first has partially hardened. In all cases the final thickness of Planiseal 88 must be approximately 2-3 mm.

The properties of the hardened layer of Planiseal 88 are such that it can only be used for rigid waterproofing.

Even though Planiseal 88 is resistant to abrasion and wear from solids normally present in liquids flowing in hydraulic structures, it must not be exposed to traffic. When applied onto floors or surfaces subject to accidental falling of objects that may cause damage, it must be protected with a 4-5 cm thick cementitious screed.


Data sheet

approx. 1.5 kg/m2 per mm of thickness.
Application Method
Brush, Trowel & Spray

Specific References

Data Sheets Available for Download:

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Mapei Planiseal 88 - Formerly Idrosilex Pronto

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Mapei Planiseal 88 - Formerly Idrosilex Pronto

Mapei Planiseal 88 - Formerly Idrosilex Pronto

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£84.29 Tax incl.