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Resideck – Polyester Mortar

£48.00 Ex VAT
Resideck Polyester Mortar is a versatile, rapid curing, high strength, two pack mortar suitable for many applications in building and civil engineering. The product consists of a low viscosity unsaturated polyester resin BASE component, and a FILLER component consisting of graded minerals and catalyst.

Maker Coating – Carbolastex WB

From £28.51
Carbolastex WB is an elastic and waterproof coating based on water dispersed high polymers.

Rustoleum – Murfill Quartz

From £39.34
Rustoleum Murfill Quartz is a highly elastic and waterproof coating giving a fine quartz finish.

Rustoleum – Murfill Waterproofing Coating

From £46.66

Rustoleum Murfill Waterproofing Coating is a highly elastic and waterproof coating based on water-dispersed high polymers.

Rustoleum – Murfill Renovation Paint

From £54.45
Rustoleum Murfill Renovation Paint is a matt coating and long-lasting, elastic renovation paint for exterior walls and facades. Best uses
  • Ideal for the renovation and decoration of historical and new buildings.
  • Excellent resistance against ageing in normal and industrial environment