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Rustoleum – Heat Resistant Paint 750°C

From £8.44
Rust-Oleum Heat Resistant Paint 750°C (black/aluminium finishes) is for use on new, bright or shot-blasted steel. Based on a silicone modified alkyd resin that is intended for small maintenance jobs and repairs.

Corroless – CCI 400

£13.70 Ex VAT
Corroless CCI 400 is an anticorrosive wax-based coating, containing vapour phase corrosion inhibitor (VCI). It has been developed for exterior environments and aggressive conditions. Protecting by both contact and vapour phase inhibition, it can provide up to 4 years protection.

Rustoleum – Hard Hat 2800 Aerosol – Spot Marking Paint

Rustoleum Hard Hat 2800 fluorescent spot marking paint is a quick drying quality coating for professional marking purposes at public works (utility works/telecom) building works and industrial sites and adheres to almost any substrate. Best uses Rustoleum Hard Hat 2800 is suitable for use on concrete, gravel, soil, grass and asphalt for a range of purposes.  

Rustoleum – Hard Hat Line Marking Paint

From £11.96
Rustoleum Hard Hat Line Marking Paint is ideal for drawing lines in parking areas, plants, warehouses, sports fields, stadiums and all sites where traffic control is required.
  • For use with RUST-OLEUM® line applicators
  • Adjustable line width from 5 to 10 cm
  • Up to 120 meters per can (5 cm line width)
  • Light traffic possible after just 4 hours (at 20°C)
  • Adheres to asphalt, concrete, grass, metal, wood

Rustoleum – Galva Expresse Anti Corrosion Primer (Matt Grey)

£10.05 Ex VAT
Rustoleum Galva Expresse Anti Corrosion Primer is a very fast drying zinc rich primer based on a styrene-acrylic resin. The product contains pure zinc as pigment and provides excellent protection against corrosion.
  • Matt grey appearance
  • To handle after just 10 minutes (at 20°C)
  • For new, bare, rust free metal or galvanised steel

Rustoleum – Hard Hat Marking Spray Paint

Rustoleum Hard Hat Marking Spray Paint is ideal for quick and simple line marking of construction and excavation sites, underground utilities and for traffic safety. Best uses
  • For marking difficult and slightly wet substrates
  • Up to 70 metres per can
  • Best hiding power, touch dry in 20 minutes
  • For use on metal, concrete, asphalt, soil, grass, wood
  • Weather-resistant and watertight

Rustoleum – Pegagraff Hydro Graffiti Cleaner

From £9.58
Rustoleum Pegagraff Hydro Graffiti Cleaner provides quick removal of most graffiti on a substrate treated with Pegagraff® Hydro.

Rustoleum – Graffiti Shield Cleaner

From £13.40
Rustoleum Graffiti Shield Cleaner is a specially formulated cleaner for removing graffiti from surfaces pre-treated with GraffitiShield™  Hydro, Polycoat and Nano.