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Resideck – UltraPrime

From £42.00
Resideck Ultraprime has been developed for use as aprimer to be used in conjunction with Resideck Ultracrete, and Ultrascreed.

Mapei – Silancolor Primer Plus

From £26.96
Silancolor Primer Plus is a silane and siloxanebased anti-mildew and anti-mould primer in watery emulsion, used to even out the absorption of substrates and make them suitable for painting with finishing products from the Silancolor Plus range.

Maker Coating – 2100 Aquastop

Stopaq 2100 Aquastop is a compound suited for sealing of pipe or cable wall inlets and hollow spaces against penetration of gases, moisture, standing water and running ground water leaks

Mapei – Eporip

From £32.10
Mapei Eporip is a two component solvent-free epoxy adhesive for construction joints and for monolithic sealing of cracks in screeds. Eporip is a slightly thixotropic paste that can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces for filling cracks in concrete, bonding steel to concrete, bonding precast concrete elements or for monolithic construction joints between fresh and hardened concrete.

Maker Coating – Carbolastex WB

From £28.51
Carbolastex WB is an elastic and waterproof coating based on water dispersed high polymers.

Maker Coating – Carbolastex Facade Cream

Carbolastex Facade Cream is a high durability damp/waterproofing impregnation.

Rustoleum – Epoxy Putty Filler

£37.21 Ex VAT
Rustoleum epoxy putty filler should be mix based and activated carefully with a filling knife, preferably not in the can but on a flat substrate alike a piece of hardboard. Apply a slight over-amount of the Epoxy Putty with a filling knife or trowel; after drying reshape the surface by abrading the excessive amount.

Arbo – Arbolite Dual Purpose Putty

From £10.57
Arbolite Dual Purpose Putty is produced from carefully blended oils and Calcium Carbonate fillers. This product has been designed for the face glazing of primed soft and hard wood and for steel frame windows.