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Llewellyn Ryland – Duralac Green – Anti Corrosive Jointing Compound

£12.75 Ex VAT
Duralac Green - Anti Corrosion Jointing Compound is to protect against dissimilar metals corrosion.
  • Developed for the aviation industry and now widely used in both marine and transport applications as an anti corrosive joiting compound between dissimilar metals.
  • Duralac Green has an improved environmental footprint and exceeds standard Duralac in performance.
  • Duralac Green has low solubility in water and will not erode with time; even when subjected to high pressure from considerable water flow.
  • Duralac Green enjoys excellent adhesion properties to most substrates and because of its tough flexible composition, has very low water absorption.
  • Duralac Green is a single pack, air setting product which if used correctly will prevent anodic decomposition.