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Webac – 150

From £26.80
WEBAC® 150 is a universally applicable PU injection foam resin, designed for the fast and temporary stopping of pressing water. The fast foam resin WEBAC® 150 is compatible with concrete, steel, masonry mortar, foil and cable sheathing. WEBAC PU fast foam resins are resistant to lyes, acids and salts detrimental to the building structure if their concentration usually found in building structures is not exceeded. To ensure permanent sealing of cracks, a secondary injection with PU injection resins is carried out.

Rustoleum – Cold Galvanizer 1085

From £14.02
Rustoleum - Cold Galvanizer 1085 is a fast drying, zinc rich primer based on an epoxy ester resin. Contains pure zinc as pigment and provides cathodic protection to metal to protect against rust.

Resimac – Metal Repair Paste 101

£87.46 Ex VAT
A two component solvent free epoxy metal repair paste.

Rustoleum – Dacfill

From £8.20
Rustoleum Dacfill Waterproofing Membrane based on water-dispersed acrylic resins. This waterproofing system is designed for use on roofs and chimney slabs with a slope of 5% minimum.

Arbo – Arbolite Dual Purpose Putty

From £10.57
Arbolite Dual Purpose Putty is produced from carefully blended oils and Calcium Carbonate fillers. This product has been designed for the face glazing of primed soft and hard wood and for steel frame windows.  

Rustoleum – Noxyde Metal Cladding Roof Paint

From £8.94
Rustoleum Noxyde Metal Cladding Roof Paint is a single pack water-based elastomeric coating for metal roofs that offers unequalled corrosion protection and ease of application.