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Tor – Elastaseal Z Top Coat

Tor Elastaseal Z Top Coat is a cold applied single pack, ultra high solids moisture activated elastomeric urethane coating free from solvent odour.

Tor – Raincoat HB Smooth

From £73.03
High build one coat finishing system for renovation for factory coated profile metal sheeted roofs and cladding panels, roofing trims etc.

Tor – Raincoat Fibretex

Waterproofing of sound solid sheeted pitched roofs (eg. asbestos/fibre, cement, factory coated profiled metal etc).

Tor – Elastaseal Z Fibretex

From £108.31
A high build, heavy duty, fibre loaded stripe coating, free from solvent odour that provides durable, long term protection for roofs.  To be used on typical roof detail to soften angles/sharp edges etc. prior to over-coating with RC401 Elastaseal Z system.

Tor – Elastaseal Z Embedment Coat

£249.81 Ex VAT
A high build, heavy duty coating, free from solvent odour,  that provides durable, long term protection for roofs. To be used as a fully reinforced weatherproofing system.

Axalta – ViterFloor 300

From £67.85
A two pack epoxy, solvent free, high build coating for concrete floors. Product Notes
  • Priming: apply over ViterFloor 400 primer/sealer – consult relevant Product Data Sheet for details
  • Anti-slip: dependent on the degree of anti-slip required, aggregate can be broadcast onto the wet coating surface and allowed to dry. Surplus nonadhering particles should then be brushed off and further coats of ViterFloor 300 applied (if required) to encapsulate the particles. Please note that the higher the degree of anti-slip, the lower the ease of cleaning will be
  • Do not apply or cure below 5oC, temperatures above 10oC recommended

Maker Coating – Carbolastex WBI Waterproofer

From £49.95
Carbolastex WBI is a silane/siloxane impregnation offering outstanding waterproofing properties to masonry substrates. Being water based, Carbolastex WBI, is a solvent-free water proofer based on reactive silane/siloxane technology.