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Mapei – Silancolor Primer Plus

From £26.96
Silancolor Primer Plus is a silane and siloxanebased anti-mildew and anti-mould primer in watery emulsion, used to even out the absorption of substrates and make them suitable for painting with finishing products from the Silancolor Plus range.

Parex – Aqua Plug

Aquaplug is a cement based shrinkage compensated ready to use mix including chemical modifiers and selected graded aggregates.

Mapei – Eporip

From £32.10
Mapei Eporip is a two component solvent-free epoxy adhesive for construction joints and for monolithic sealing of cracks in screeds. Eporip is a slightly thixotropic paste that can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces for filling cracks in concrete, bonding steel to concrete, bonding precast concrete elements or for monolithic construction joints between fresh and hardened concrete.

Resideck – Rapid Floor Patch

£64.00 Ex VAT
Resideck Rapid Floor Patch is a fast curing, high strength, trowel applied, three component Methacrylate resin mortar, designed for rapid and permanent repairs to concrete and masonry surfaces.

Mapei – Consolidante ETS WR

£146.56 Ex VAT
Consolidante ETS WR is used on internal and external surfaces to consolidate porous stone materials

Mapei – Antipluviol S & W

£101.35 Ex VAT
Antipluviol S is colourless liquid containing silane/siloxane in solvent & Antipoluvial W is a colourless, water-repellent variant both working as a treatment for renders, bricks & stone.

Webac – Webac 1403

£210.00 Ex VAT
WEBAC® 1403 is Webac’s most popular PU injection resin for sealing and crack repair

Mapei – Primer 3296

From £23.11
Acrylic primer in water dispersion with high penetration, consolidating and anti-dust properties for screeds.  

Mapei – Malech Primer

Water-based acrylic undercoat and bonding promoter with a smooth finish.

Mapei – Silexcolor Primer

£41.30 Ex VAT
Silexcolor Primer is a modified potassium silicate based primer in water solution. It is used to promote bonding and to even out the absorption of the substrate before final application of coloured finishes from the Silexcolor range.

Mapei – Silancolor Primer

£93.52 Ex VAT
Silancolor Primer is a silicon resin based primer in water dispersion with high penetration properties.

Axalta – ViterZinc 99 – Epoxy Primer

ViterZinc 99 Epoxy Zinc Rich is a two pack epoxy zinc rich primer for steelwork