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Mapei - Mapetex 50
  • Mapei - Mapetex 50

Mapei - Mapetex 50

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Mapei - Mapetex 50 is a non-woven polypropylene fabric (weight 50 g/m²) for reinforcing waterproof membranes.

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Mapei - Mapetex 50 is a non-woven polypropylene fabric (weight 50 g/m²) for reinforcing waterproof membranes.

Recommended Use

Non-woven polypropylene reinforcement fabric applied in combination with Mapelastic AquaDefense (quick-drying, liquid membrane for waterproofing internal and external surfaces), Mapegum WPS (liquid membrane for waterproofing internal surfaces) and with Aquaflex Roof products range, ready-mixed liquid elastic membranes for external waterproofing work.


Mapetex 50 is a black coloured non-woven fabric; weight 50 g/m². Mapetex 50 is made from single heat-welded polypropylene threads, through a process that guarantees an homogeneous product, and it is particularly recommended for providing added strength to ready-to-use liquid membranes.


  • Prepare the substrate as specified in the relative Technical Data Sheet of the waterproofing product selected.
  • Apply the first coat of the selected product to the thickness recommended, and as the product is applied gradually, lay Mapetex 50 immediately and press it down with a flat trowel or spiked roller so that it is accurately embedded in the membrane.
  • Wait until the applied coat is completely dry.
  • Apply a second even layer of the selected product so that it completely covers Mapetex 50.

Adjacent sheets of Mapetex 50 must overlap by at least 5 cm at both the longitudinal and transverse junction points. If it rains between the first and second layer of liquid membrane, make sure Mapetex 50 is completely dry before applying the second layer.


  • Due to its special properties, it improves the mechanical characteristics of the products it is combined with (toughness, puncture resistance, elongation at failure and crack-bridging ability).
  • Easy to use: available in handy 20 cm wide rolls for overlapping and forming around construction features.
  • Dimensionally stable.
  • Light and easy to handle.
  • Easy to cut.

Specific References

Data Sheets Available for Download:


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Mapei - Mapetex 50

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Mapei - Mapetex 50

Mapei - Mapetex 50

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£65.58 Tax incl.