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Teknos – Helo 15/40/90

From £10.82
Teknos Helo is a fast drying solvent based varnish with good resistance properties. This varnish is suitable for varnishing all demanding woodwork indoors and outdoors. Available in 15%, 40% and 90% gloss levels.

Teknos – Helo Aqua 20/40/80

From £15.84
Teknos Helo Aqua is a single pack, polyurethane, water-borne special varnish based on polyurethane dispersion. For wooden surfaces indoors and outdoors. Available in 20%, 60% and 80% gloss levels.

Rustoleum – Fassithane Wood Varnish

From £15.63
Rustoleum Mathys Fassithane Wood Varnish is a hard, durable finishing varnish on wood for interior and exterior use.  

Coo-Var – Polyurethane Varnish

From £15.19
Coo-Var Polyurethane Varnish is an oil based clear wood floor varnish which gives a hard glaze to protect most wooden floors and provide an easy to clean surface. Polyurethane clear floor coating gives excellent performance for an air drying product. Best uses
  • Domestic interior wooden floors
  • Offers economical finish to most wooden floors