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Mapei – Consolidante ETS WR

£146.56 Ex VAT
Consolidante ETS WR is used on internal and external surfaces to consolidate porous stone materials

Mapei – Antipluviol S & W

£101.35 Ex VAT
Antipluviol S is colourless liquid containing silane/siloxane in solvent & Antipoluvial W is a colourless, water-repellent variant both working as a treatment for renders, bricks & stone.

Zinsser – Bulls Eye 1-2-3

From £14.48
Bulls Eye® 1-2-3 is our classic universal interior and exterior, water-based, primer-sealer.

Rustoleum – Secco Super

From £27.09
Secco Super is a superb, colourless water repellent treatment for porous exterior walls and surfaces

Maker Coating – Carbolastex WB

From £28.51
Carbolastex WB is an elastic and waterproof coating based on water dispersed high polymers.

Parex – Paraguard

£99.95 Ex VAT
Paraguard is a water based coating, which provides a weatherproof, lotus leaf effect, water resistant surface to a range of render, paving, masonry and timber substrates.