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PPG – Sigma Aquacover 40 – Water Based Coating

Sigma Aquacover 40 is a one-component waterborne acrylic dispersion finish. –particularly suitable when solvents are not permitted because of health and safety reasons -good weather resistance –good colour retention –fast drying –fast handling –not suitable for immersion in water Best uses Offering fantastic weather resistance, Sigma Aquacover 40 is not suitable for immersion in water but works as great colour retention with a suitable primer. Designed for commercial or industrial exposures, this product is a protective coating for suitably primed steel.

Rustoleum – Pegacryl Satin Decorative Paint

From £61.16
Pegacryl Satin is a decorative water-based coating, formulated for interior and exterior use.
  • Excellent durability and UV proof
  • Inside and outside use
  • Excellent flow
  • Good hiding power
  • Water-based
  • Available in a wide range of colors
Can also be used as finish for Noxyde