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Mapei – Mape-Antique Intonaco NHL

£11.18 £9.95
Breathable base render made from natural hydraulic lime and ECO-POZZOLAN, for application on existing masonry work, including those of historical interest, and on new constructions

Mapei – Primer 3296

From £23.11
Acrylic primer in water dispersion with high penetration, consolidating and anti-dust properties for screeds.  

Mapei – Silancolor Basecoat

Silancolor Base Coat is a coloured silicone resin-based based paint in water dispersion, with micro-granular quartz and selected charges. It is used to even out the absorption of the substrate and promote bonding of successive coats of paint and layered finishing materials from the Silancolor range.

Mapei – Quarzolite Base Coat

£66.72 Ex VAT
Note: Available in white or can be tinted to a huge range of colours from the Mapei ColorMap colouring system. For colour availability please call on 01392 822600 or email us at: [email protected] An acrylic undercoat used to level or improve bonding and absorption before the application of the final coat.