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Ciret – All Rounder Paint Brush

From £1.54
The All Rounder Paint Brush is a quality mix of natural and synthetic bristle. Use with all paints and varnishes for excellent paint coverage. Learn more.

Ciret – Fibreglass & Woodcare Brush

From £0.95
Lily bristle with PVC handle Ideal for fibreglass and woodcare treatments

Refina – Gate Paddle

The Refina Gate Paddle is a large tool for mixing finish plasters, coatings and light powder. Best uses Use this product with slow speed mixer drills and generate a thorough mix action. The threaded shaft fits directly into mixer drill. At Maker Coating, we stock a large range of designs and sizes and a range of Refina Tools.

Refina – Megamixer MM19 – Plaster & Mortar

£208.95 Ex VAT
The Refina Megamixer MM19 is a reliable power tool mixer and combines a simplewell-provenn design, gearbox and powerful 1050w motor. This product will mix finish and browning plasters, bonding and drywall adhesive, floor coatings and epoxy paints; ideal for one and two bag mixes. Best uses The MM19 is our best selling multi purpose mixer for the plastering and general building trades.

Refina – Megamixer MM22 – Plaster & Mortar

£313.95 Ex VAT
Refina Megamixer MM22 with paddle, H handle, variable two-speed, soft start. This product has a new design handle and improved cable and switch protection. Best uses Megamixers generate a fast, thorough mix action suitable for modern plasters and building materials. With the soft start and variable speed features, splashing is minimised when starting The H handle.
  • Heavy mortars
  • Lightweight powders
  • Bonding
  • Drylining adhesive
  • Epoxy coatings

Refina – Megamixer MM21- Plaster & Mortar

£282.45 Ex VAT
The Refina Megamixer MM21 generates a fast and thorough mix action for building materials and modern plasters. Best uses Use this product for medium weight plaster and mortar to create lump-free mixes. To learn more about the Refina Megamixer MM21, please contact our technical team today.