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Teknos – Siloksan Gel

£39.56 Ex VAT

Siloksan Gel is a water-borne gel containing polysiloxane for use together with Siloksan Facade Silicone Emulsion Paint on mineral surfaces (the Siloksan method). Saves from 1-3 separate primings and saves thus also application costs.

Available in 1L

Teknos – TeknosPro Binder Plus

From £32.44
TeknosPro Binder Plus is a water-borne, colourless, micro acrylic-based dust binder for floors, walls and ceilings in heated and cold spaces, as well as for concrete surfaces outdoors but protected from weather, such as car parks. The product has been classified in Emission Classification of building materials to Group M1.

Teknos – Rensa Terrace

From £3.40
Rensa Terrace is a very efficient detergent for washing of wooden terrace floors and garden furnitures before wood oil treatment. It removes dirt, mould, algae growth and other impurities that prevent the wood oil from absorbing to the surface.

Teknos – Rensa Super

From £3.75
Rensa Super is an efficient universal detergent for washing of all kind of building surfaces and for pre-treating surfaces before painting. For in- and outdoor use. Rensa Super is an evaporating detergent, which is not necessary to rinse with water. Using the detergent is quick and easy: wipe of the dirt, let it dry for 5 minutes and paint.

Teknos – Rensa Steel

From £3.75
Rensa Steel is a very efficient citric acid based detergent for pre-treatment of galvanized sheet-iron and zinc-coated steel surfaces before painting.

Teknos – Rensa Roof

From £5.85
Rensa Roof is an efficient detergent for washing of tile roofs and previously painted very dirty sheet-iron roofs.

Teknos – Rensa Façade

From £4.47
Rensa Façade is an efficient detergent for washing external surfaces of buildings and pre-treating surfaces before painting. It removes dirt, mould, algae growth and other impurities which may weaken the adhesion of the paint.

Teknos – Rensa Anti-Mould

From £10.55
Rensa Anti-Mould kills mildew, lichen and algae growth from external surfaces of buildings. It is easy to spray on e.g. tile and felt roof, stone paving, brick wall or fence and let the growth be removed by the effects of weather. Rensa Anti-Mould disinfects the surface and gives a long-term protection.

Teknos – Breplasta P/J/LF

From £3.87
The Breplasta products are a range of fillers suitable for a wide range of substrates from fibre board and plastic to concrete

Teknos – Woodex Aqua Base Plus

From £13.56
Woodex Aqua Base Plus by Teknos is a wood preservative product approved according to the regulations in the Biocidal Products Regulation 528/2012 (product-type 8). Approval no. UK-2013-0783-1-0001.

Teknos – Woodex Aqua Solid

From £10.87
Teknos Woodex Aqua Solid is to be used for renewed treatment of old, faded wood stain surfaces, and also when a uniform colour is desired on old and new wood stain surfaces. Suitable also for use on new and press-impregnated wood. Typical objects are walls, covering boards, fences, window frames, etc.

Teknos – TeknosPro 5/7/10

From £29.36
Teknos TeknosPro 5/7/10 is an alkyd reinforced acrylate dispersion, full matt interior wall and ceiling paint for use on a multitude of standard building materials.