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Axalta – ViterZinc 99 – Epoxy Primer

ViterZinc 99 Epoxy Zinc Rich is a two pack epoxy zinc rich primer for steelwork

Axalta – Viterbond ST200

The ViterBond ST200 epoxy primer by Spencer Coatings is a two-pack epoxy, high-solids aluminium primer to repair under the majority of generic coating types.

Axalta – ViterLac 305

ViterLac 305 by Axalta is a one coat vinyl acrylic anti-corrosive primer and finish for steelwork application and galvanising.
  • Where a one coat,semi-gloss primer/finish is required
  • Can be applied to degreased new galvanising without the need for an etch primer
  • Resistant to weak acids and alkalis
  • Highly moisture resistant
  • Available in a wide colour range
Best uses This acrylic primer and finish is ideal for the use on substrates such as gates, fences, structural steelwork and street furniture. ViterLac 305 is a semi-gloss finish offering fantastic anti-corrosion properties.

Axalta – ViterPrime 035 Primer

From £25.70
ViterPrime 035 by Axalta is a fast drying, high build alkyd zinc phosphate primer, for airless spray in-shop application to blast cleaned structural steelwork.
  • For use as a primer or primer/finish for structural steelwork
  • Excellent build properties and hold-up on edges
  • Can be overcoated with ViterThane PLV and PLS two pack polyurethane finishes
  • Readily available in a wide range of BS and RAL colours
  • Can be used as a base coat for most thin film intumescent coatings
Best uses The ViterPrime 035 is best used in conditions of good ventilation, the surface should be dry and the temperature at a minimum of 15ºC. Use this anti-corrosive primer and finish for excellent coverage within heavy duty environments.

Rustoleum – Galvinoleum Adhesion Primer 3202

From £19.27
DISCONTINUED - A suitable alternative can be found in Futura Aqua 3 by Teknos Single pack super adhesion primer for galvanized steel, plastic or other smooth surfaces.
Adheres to all those difficult surfaces such as: glass, porcelain, most plastics, and other smooth surfaces, galvanised and stainless steel, aluminium, copper etc.
  • Recoatable in just 30 minutes!
  • Very high coverage: 35 m²/l
  • Tintable in virtually any colour