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Teknos – TeknosPro Binder Plus

From £32.44
TeknosPro Binder Plus is a water-borne, colourless, micro acrylic-based dust binder for floors, walls and ceilings in heated and cold spaces, as well as for concrete surfaces outdoors but protected from weather, such as car parks. The product has been classified in Emission Classification of building materials to Group M1.

Teknos – Timantti W

From £30.11
Timantti W by Teknos is a water-borne acrylate based moisture sealer that forms a steam-proof film. The sealer is together with Timantti 20 included in a coating system for wet rooms, approved by the Swedish Måleribranschens Våtrumskontroll (MVK).

Rustoleum – 4900 Polycoat 2K

From £22.81
4900 Polycoat 2K by Rustoleum is a quality transparent multi-purpose water based scratch-resistant topcoat suitable for interior and exterior use.

Resideck – Rapid Colourflex

Resideck Rapid Colourflex is a two pack, fast curing flexible coating for Tarmac and Asphalt surfaces.

Resideck – Rapid Clear Sealer

£86.40 Ex VAT
Resideck Rapid Clear Sealer is a two pack, fast curing, clear sealer designed to be used as the finish coat for other flooring products in the Resideck Rapid range.

PPG – Sigma EP 110 Primer

From £58.17
The Sigma EP 110 primer is a two component zinc phosphate blast primer & sealer

C-TEC – CT1 Sealant – Unique Construction Adhesive

From £12.09
CT1 Sealant by C-Tec is a waterproof, hybrid sealant and adhesive, for the occasional user and professional tradesman. CT1 sticks to almost any surface and can even be used in damp or wet conditions! Best uses
  • Sealing showers
  • Sealing bathtubs
  • Spouting
  • Guttering