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Parex – Tecfast Concrete

£18.54 Ex VAT
Rapid setting concrete which allows road opening in one hour under normal conditions. Typical applications include the installation of road furniture, barriers and stanchion posts. Best Uses
  • Concrete repairs to accept foot and vehicular traffic
  • Forming of new pavement areas
  • Re-instatement of deteriorated pavement areas
  • Rapid repairs to roadways and runways
  • Structural support systems

Sika – Sikalastic 152

£119.50 Ex VAT
Sikalastic 152 is a 2-component, crack-bridging, fibre-reinforced cementitious mortar, with low elastic modulus with special additives for waterproofing and protection of concrete subgrades subject to flexural strain.

Resideck – Polyester Mortar

£46.20 Ex VAT
Resideck Polyester Mortar is a versatile, rapid curing, high strength, two pack mortar suitable for many applications in building and civil engineering. The product consists of a low viscosity unsaturated polyester resin BASE component, and a FILLER component consisting of graded minerals and catalyst.

Flexcrete – Monopour

£27.81 Ex VAT
Monopour is an advanced polymer modified, shrinkage compensated, waterproof cementitious repair mortar which is designed for large areas of concrete repair and heavy duty applications beneath base plates, plinths and stanchion bases.

Koster – 2-in-1

From £30.00
Koster 2-in-1 stops active leaks and seals cracks and construction joints permanently and elastically. It can be injected in dry and wet cracks. The material can also be used for filling of voids

Resideck – Crackseal

From £27.60
Resideck Crackseal is a two pack, solvent free, low viscosity Epoxy resin designed for filling cracks and voids in concrete, brickwork and masonry. This allows the ready consolidation of structures, and prevents water and salt ingress, thereby obviating freeze thaw damage and re-bar corrosion.

Resideck – Rapid Pour Patch

£110.60 Ex VAT
Resideck Rapid Pour Patch is a fast curing, high strength, two component Methacrylate resin mortar, designed for rapid and permanent repairs to concrete surfaces that may be subjected to heavy loading in service.

Resideck – Rapid Floor Patch

£64.00 Ex VAT
Resideck Rapid Floor Patch is a fast curing, high strength, trowel applied, three component Methacrylate resin mortar, designed for rapid and permanent repairs to concrete and masonry surfaces.

Resimac – Metal Repair Stick

£13.20 Ex VAT
Metal Repair Stick is a single component repair putty in stick form which cures rapidly at room temperature after mixing.

Maxkote – Maxpipe 100

From £22.00
MaxPipe 100 (MPI 100) Pipe repair bandage water activated is high-performance, rapid curing, moisture activated bandage, developed explicitly for the repair of leaking pipes.

Resimac – Metal Repair Paste 101

£87.46 Ex VAT
A two component solvent free epoxy metal repair paste.

Parex – Terrapoint C5 & C18

From £18.50
Terrapoint is a family of mortars designed for mechanical repointing in vertical and overhead locations.