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Resideck – Ultrascreed

£75.00 Ex VAT
Resideck Ultrascreed is a three pack Epoxy Resin based screed/render designed for application at 4-6mm thicknesses.

Mapei – Elastocolor Tonachino Plus

£100.21 Ex VAT
Flexible, Water-repellent textured plaster with a high degree of elasticity. Resists the formation of mould and algae on the surface.

Mapei – Mapetherm Net 50m x 1m Roll

Glass fibre mesh resistant to alkalis. Ideal for reinforcing skim coats for repairing façades and installing Mapetherm thermal insulation systems.

Mapei – Mape-Antique Intonaco NHL

£11.18 £9.95
Breathable base render made from natural hydraulic lime and ECO-POZZOLAN, for application on existing masonry work, including those of historical interest, and on new constructions

Mapei – Malech Primer

Water-based acrylic undercoat and bonding promoter with a smooth finish.