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PPG – SigmaGuard CSF 585

From £82.26
PPG SigmaGuard CSF 585 is a two component, solvent free, epoxy coating designed for internal coating of tanks, and has been approved for the coating of tanks containing drinking water.

PPG – Sigmacover 410

From £76.65
PPG SigmaCover 410 is a two component, high solids, high build, epoxy coating designed for general purpose protection of steel and concrete structures exposed to atmospheric land or marine conditions.

PPG – SigmaPrime 700

PPG SigmaPrime 700 is a two component, multi-purpose, polyamide cured, anti-corrosive, epoxy product designed for general purpose use in protective coating systems

PPG – Prep 88

£62.73 Ex VAT
Prep 88, is a waterborne alkaline cleaner used for cleaning of soiled and chalked surfaces.

Selemix – Selemix Direct

£74.91 Ex VAT
Selemix Direct is a polyurethane coating based on a PU 2K technology to be applied direct on substrates.

PPG – Sigmadur ClearCoat

£52.76 Ex VAT
PPG Sigmadur Clearcoat is a two component, aliphatic clear acrylic polyurethane gloss finish, suitable for application over aluminium pigmented polyurethanes.