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Resideck – Polyester Mortar

£48.00 Ex VAT
Resideck Polyester Mortar is a versatile, rapid curing, high strength, two pack mortar suitable for many applications in building and civil engineering. The product consists of a low viscosity unsaturated polyester resin BASE component, and a FILLER component consisting of graded minerals and catalyst.

Parex – Polyester Concrete

Polyester Concrete is a polyester resin based material suitable for the repair, surfacing, jointing and bedding of concrete, brickwork and masonry. The product is supplied as a two pack system ready for on site mixing, consisting of a tin of base resin and a bag of catalysed filler.

Parex – Polyester Grout

£119.00 Ex VAT
Polyester Grout is a polyester resin based material used for the rapid grouting and commissioning of machines and structures where the bed thickness is between 3mm and 25mm