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Parex – Polyester Mortar

Polyester Mortar is available in two grades, Summer and Winter, supplied as two component factory batched products. Component one is a polyester resin and component two is a catalyzed filler specially designed to both fill and harden the resin mortar.

Parex – High Build Mortar

£22.61 Ex VAT
High Build Mortar is a high strength non-shrink cementitious product with “stay as placed” properties. Suitable for use in structural support situations and where good vibration resistance is required.

Mapei – Malech Primer

Water-based acrylic undercoat and bonding promoter with a smooth finish.

Parex – Restoration Mortar

From £26.20
A natural hydraulic lime-based mortar which can be gun injected and has been specially formulated for old and historic buildings and structures where conservation issues are involved.