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Maker Coating – Multi-Metal Rust Stabilising Primer

From £9.14
Multi-Metal Rust Stabilising Primer is a general purpose, rust stabilising primer for use on weathered galvanising, steel and other metals.

Maker Coating – Anti-Corrosive Protective Barrier MIO Paint

From £6.17
Anti-Corrosive Protective Barrier Paint is a Urethane Alkyd MIO (micaceous iron oxide) single pack, white spirit based coating for steelwork.

Maker Coating – Multi-Metal Anti-Corrosive Primer/Finish

From £7.55
Multi-Metal Anti-Corrosive Primer/Finish is a vinyl acrylic, one coat primer/finish for steelwork and galvanised steel, which does not need an etch primer.

Maker Coating – Fast Drying Alkyd Commercial Vehicle Chassis Paint

From £6.07
Fast Drying Alkyd Commercial Vehicle Chassis Paint is a single pack, modified alkyd primer/finish, specially developed for the transport container market and for Commercial Vehicle Chassis protection.

Maker Coating – Industrial Rust Stabilising Primer

From £12.77
Industrial Rust Stabilising Primer is a Rust Stabilising Primer (epoxy) and has a range of outstanding properties. It has an excellent track record on bridge maintenance painting projects where blast cleaning was impossible, and yet longer term performance was required over only hand-prepared steelwork.

Maker Coating – Fast Drying Rust Stabilising Primer

From £11.20
Fast Drying Rust Stabilising Primer is a very fast drying, general purpose anticorrosive primer for hand-prepared steelwork. It also contains self-leafing glass flake for improved impermeability and abrasion resistance.

PPG – Sigma AquaCover 20

PPG Sigma AquaCover 20 is a one component, waterborne, high-build, zinc phosphate primer/coating for pre-treated steel.

Corroless – CCI 450 – Anti Corrosion For Damp Surfaces

£12.59 Ex VAT
Corroless CCI 450 is an anti corrosion coating developed for use where the substrate needs to be clearly visible. • Applications include, switch gear, electrical boxes, navigation equipment and parts storage. • Protection of structural steel, plant and pipe storage. • Extra protection of painted equipment and plant in transit etc. • It is available in a handy 500ml aerosol can for smaller, ongoing maintenance projects.