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Teknos – Futura Aqua 20/40/80

From £13.80
For a rich, satin finish for internal and external wood or metal work. Waterborne urethane alkyd based top coat for detached and fixed furniture indoors and outdoors.

Axalta – ViterThane PDV Anti Graffiti Coating

ViterThane PDV Anti-Graffiti finish is a two pack polyurethane coating with very high gloss and excellent graffiti protective properties.
  • High impact and abrasion resistance and superb colour and gloss retention
  • Excellent chemical and solvent resistance
  • Low temperature curing down to -5ºC
  • For anti-graffiti properties on bridgework or other structures
  • Apply PDV in a colour as an anti-graffiti finish over an appropriate primer/intermediate, or apply PDV Clear over a coloured coat of ViterThane PLV or ViterThane PLS, to provide a UV stable anti-graffiti finish
Best uses Use this product to provide an anti-graffiti durable finish to steel substrates in the general industrial sector.

Axalta – ViterSeal EA80 – High Gloss Finish

ViterSeal EA80 is a tough and durable gloss finish with good abrasion resistance and excellent gloss retention, using a modified acrylic, isocyanate-free polymer system.
  • Good resistance to mild chemicals
  • High solids to minimise VOC’s
  • Indefinitely overcoatable
  • Suitable for maintenance and new construction for urban, marine or industrial environments
  • Ideal for structural steelwork where isocyanates cannot be used
Best uses This product is ideal for use and maintenance on new construction within marine, industrial and urban environments.

Axalta – ViterLac ABV

ViterLac ABV is a high gloss finish coating, containing high build properties when applied by brush or spray. Formulated by Axalta, this product is ideal for structural steelwork.
  • Where a relatively fast drying high build gloss finish is required
  • Fast drying minimises dust contamination to give a durable high gloss finish
  • For use as a finish coat over ViterPrime 035 and other alkyd primers
  • For application by airless spray with a high degree of sag resistance for spraying on difficult configurations
  • Suitable for agricultural and earth moving equipment and general use

PPG – Steelguard 581 – Fire Protection For Steel Surfaces

Steelguard 581 by PPG Sigma Coatings is a thin-film waterborne intumescent coating designed for fire protection of structural steelwork. – provides up to 60 minutes protection from cellulosic fires 60 minutes SCI assessment of beams with circular web openings – on-site application Best uses Steelguard 581 is a high quality coating that has been tested and approved to national and international standards. This product should be used as a fire resistant protection tool on structural steel. Steelguard 581 produces a matt, protective coating that can be used internally and externally and acts with great weather resistance.

PPG – Sigma Aquacover 45 – Machinery Coating

From £90.86
Sigma Aquacover 45 is a one-component waterborne acrylic dispersion finish. – finish for interior accommodation, machinery spaces and superstructure – particularly suitable when solvents are not permitted because of health and safety reasons – fast drying and recoatable – good weather resistance – good colour retention – allows safer working during hull outfitting of new buildings – certificate for low flame spread Best uses Sigma Aquacover 45 is a waterborne coating, best used as a finish for interior accommodation, superstructure and machinery spaces. Suited to application surfaces that are dry and free from contamination, this product is designed for industrial and commercial primed steel. A durable protective coating by PPG.

PPG – Sigmafast 205 LT – Tintable Shades

From £70.83
Sigmafast 205 LT is a two component high build polyamide cured zinc phosphate epoxy primer & coating Best uses Sigmafast 205 LT is for external, atmospheric conditions. This product offers high durability, fast-drying and easy application. Suitable as a primer & topcoat in one.

PPG – Phenguard 940 – Epoxy Topcoat Finish

From £85.03
The PPG Phenguard 940 is part of the leading SigmaGuard range. This two-component high build amine adduct cured phenolic epoxy finish provides excellent resistance to a range of organic acids, alcohols, edible oils, –fats (regardless of free fatty acid content) and solvents Product features
  • Maximum cargo flexibility
  • Low cargo absorption
  • Good resistance to hot water
  • Recognised corrosion control coating
  • Good application properties, resulting in a smooth surface
  • Easy to clean
Best uses The Phenguard 940 offers ideal adhesion to the Phenguard 935. Can be applied easily and effectively with quick drying properties.

PPG – Sigma EP 110 Primer

From £58.17
The Sigma EP 110 primer is a two component zinc phosphate blast primer & sealer

PPG – Sigmafast 205 LT – Anti-Corrosive Primer & Coating

From £154.15
Sigmafast 205 LT is a two component high build polyamide cured zinc phosphate epoxy primer & coating Best uses Sigmafast 205 LT is for external, atmospheric conditions. This product offers high durability, fast-drying and easy application. Suitable as a primer & topcoat in one.

PPG – Sigmadur 540

From £74.30
Sigmadur 540 (formerly Amercoat) is a two component high gloss VOC compliant epoxy acrylic finish Best uses SigmaDur 540 by PPG provides a high level of colour and gloss retention over a longer period of time and will not fade or wear out like regular paints. Use for decorative coating and a finish topcoat on a range of metal surfaces.

PPG – Sigmadur 520

From £55.12
Sigmadur 520 is a two component high build semigloss aliphatic acrylic polyurethane finish. –easy application by roller and airless spray –unlimited recoatable –excellent resistance to atmospheric exposure conditions –good colour and gloss retention (aluminium version becomes grey) –non-chalking, non-yellowing –cures at temperatures down to -5°C –tough and abrasion resistant –resistant to splash of mineral and vegetable oils, paraffins, aliphatic petroleum products and mild chemicals –can be recoated even after long atmospheric exposure Best uses Sigmadur 520 semi gloss can be used in temperatures down to -5 degrees celsius. Suitable for sunlight exposure due to the non-yellowing features, this product is highly weather-resistant and can be applied using brush, spray or roller.