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Teknos – Timantti 3

From £9.07

Timantti 3 by Teknos is a water-borne acrylate dispersion primer for walls and ceilings indoors.

For priming unpainted concrete, plaster, filler, brick and building board surfaces. Timantti 3 can be used as an adhesion primer for wall and ceiling surfaces previously painted with alkyd or dispersion paints.

Teknos – Siloksan Façade

From £27.50
Teknos Siloksan Façade is a water-borne, full-matt silicone emulsion based masonry paint for mineral surfaces. The paint is very permeable and water-repellent. It is free of solvents that contain aromatics.

Mapei – Mape-Antique Rinzaffo

£19.07 Ex VAT
Salt-resistant, transpirant scratch-coat restoration mortar, based on lime and Eco-Pozzolan

Mapei – Silexcolor Primer

£41.30 Ex VAT
Silexcolor Primer is a modified potassium silicate based primer in water solution. It is used to promote bonding and to even out the absorption of the substrate before final application of coloured finishes from the Silexcolor range.

Parex – Restoration Mortar

From £26.20
A natural hydraulic lime-based mortar which can be gun injected and has been specially formulated for old and historic buildings and structures where conservation issues are involved.