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Rustoleum – Paracem Semi Matt

From £46.99
Rustoleum Paracem is a cladding and masonry paint, designed for external and internal application onto corrugated metal, masonry, cement rendering or plaster, concrete, plaster boards and wooden panels. Available in over 35,000 NCS, RAL and BS.4800 colours. Paracem is a microporous, water based, acrylic, dispersion substance for changing the colour of Plastisol Cladding or corrugated metal roofing.

Teknos – TeknosPro Binder Plus

From £32.44
TeknosPro Binder Plus is a water-borne, colourless, micro acrylic-based dust binder for floors, walls and ceilings in heated and cold spaces, as well as for concrete surfaces outdoors but protected from weather, such as car parks. The product has been classified in Emission Classification of building materials to Group M1.

Teknos – Breplasta P/J/LF

From £3.87
The Breplasta products are a range of fillers suitable for a wide range of substrates from fibre board and plastic to concrete

Teknos – Kirjo Aqua Paint

From £11.30
Teknos Kirjo Aqua is a water-borne acrylate-based paint with anti-corrosive pigmentation for sheet-iron roofs.

Mapei – Colorite Performance

Mapei Colorite Performance is a professional, ready to use, protective, long-lasting, acrylic paint for internal and external use on old and new surfaces.

Trimite – One Pack Primer/Sealer

£59.56 Ex VAT
Trimite One Pack Primer has been formulated as a fast drying primer and is widely used in a variety of systems, on ferrous and plastic substrates.

Selemix – Selemix Direct

£74.91 Ex VAT
Selemix Direct is a polyurethane coating based on a PU 2K technology to be applied direct on substrates.

Tor – Unicover S & W

Unicover™ S and Unicover™ W have been developed for the fast and cost effective refurbishment of architectural cladding.

Rustoleum – Metal Cladding PVDF Primer

£47.00 Ex VAT
Metal Cladding PVDF Primer is a super adhesion primer for cladding offering excellent adhesion on new or aged PVDF/PVF2 cladding. Also suitable for galvanised steel, zinc, aluminium and hard plastics the product is tack-free after just 30 minutes.

Axalta – Viterclad Bonding Coat

£68.75 Ex VAT
Viterclad Bonding Coat is a modified two pack epoxy adhesion and stabilizing primer, specially formulated for the maintenance and repair of architectural cladding.

Tor – UniCover Ultra

Unicover™ Ultra Roof and Cladding Finish has been specifically designed to provide a high performance and attractive finish for the refurbishment, decoration and protection of weathered roof and vertical sheet cladding.

Johnstone’s Trade – Solar Reflective Paint

£82.26 Ex VAT
A full bodied bituminous aluminium coating suitable for the protection of properly prepared steel, asphalt and bituminous substrates.