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Teknos – TeknosPro 5/7/10

From £29.36
Teknos TeknosPro 5/7/10 is an alkyd reinforced acrylate dispersion, full matt interior wall and ceiling paint for use on a multitude of standard building materials.

Teknos – Siloksan Façade

From £27.50
Teknos Siloksan Façade is a water-borne, full-matt silicone emulsion based masonry paint for mineral surfaces. The paint is very permeable and water-repellent. It is free of solvents that contain aromatics.

Johnstone’s Trade – Stormshield Pliolite

Johnstone’s Stormshield Pliolite® based Masonry Finish is a premium quality, solvent-based paint formulated for exterior use on cement rendering, rough cast, brick and concrete.

Mapei – Quarzolite Tonachino

Quarzolite Tonachino is an acrylic resin-based wall plaster with rustic effect for internal and external applications

Mapei – Elastocolor Wall Paint

Elastocolor Paint is a film forming single component acrylic resin-based paint in water dispersion. Based on acrylic resins in water dispersion used to protect the surfaces of concrete and cement renders from aggressive agents present in the atmosphere.

Mapei – Silancolor Basecoat

Silancolor Base Coat is a coloured silicone resin-based based paint in water dispersion, with micro-granular quartz and selected charges. It is used to even out the absorption of the substrate and promote bonding of successive coats of paint and layered finishing materials from the Silancolor range.

Axalta – ViterWall 261 – Steel Coating

ViterWall 261  is an epoxy, solvent-free gloss coating for use on walls and steelwork.
  • Excellent chemical and solvent resistance, together with high impact and abrasion resistance
  • Easily cleaned coating for use in food and pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants and aggressive industrial environments
  • Low odour -may be applied in poorly ventilated areas where solvent fumes would be undesirable
  • Suitable for application onto concrete or structural steelwork
  • Can be applied on site
Best uses The ViterWall 261 is a finishing coat and should be applied over an appropriate primer or mid-level coating.