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PPG – Sigma Thinner 21-06 (Amercoat 65)

£30.97 Ex VAT
PPG Thinner 21-06 is designed for application during colder temperatures or within certain types of application equipment where thinning is required. The great majority of marine paints and coatings are designed to be applied without thinning. Best uses This thinner can also be used for clean-up and works to its full potential with Sigmafast 20 primer.

PPG – Paint Thinner 20-05

£30.97 Ex VAT
The PPG Paint Thinner 20-05 has been formulated for application on substrates where some thinning is required; such as application during colder temperatures or with certain types of application equipment. Best uses This thinner is designed to reduce the thickness of certain coatings and can be used to clean up paint after use. Use this product effectively with Sigmarine 48 topcoat. Size: 5lt