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Coo-Var – Graffiti Remover

£11.42 Ex VAT
Coo-Var Graffiti Remover is an easy-to-use graffiti remover aerosol liquid. This product is used to remove graffiti from surfaces treated with an anti-graffiti coating. Best uses Coo-Var Graffiti Remover is intended for use on surfaces where Coo-Var anti-graffiti glaze (WB101) has been applied, for other anti graffiti systems please test first.    

Rustoleum – Graffiti Shield Hydro Coating

£275.60 Ex VAT
Rustoleum Graffiti Shield Hydro is a water based permanent anti-graffiti coating with hydrophobic properties. Best uses Use on mineral surfaces to prevent and remove graffiti attack. Protects the surface against water and UV light in exterior environments.

Rustoleum – Graffiti Shield Cleaner

From £13.40
Rustoleum Graffiti Shield Cleaner is a specially formulated cleaner for removing graffiti from surfaces pre-treated with GraffitiShield™  Hydro, Polycoat and Nano.