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Rustoleum – Hard Hat 2800 Aerosol – Spot Marking Paint

Rustoleum Hard Hat 2800 fluorescent spot marking paint is a quick drying quality coating for professional marking purposes at public works (utility works/telecom) building works and industrial sites and adheres to almost any substrate. Best uses Rustoleum Hard Hat 2800 is suitable for use on concrete, gravel, soil, grass and asphalt for a range of purposes.  

Rustoleum – Fluorescent Topcoat

Rustoleum Fluorescent Topcoat is ideal for stencils, safety markings and colour coding Best uses
  • Intended for safety marking or signalling.
  • Use in light industrial exposures, normal humidity and interior applications.

Coo-Var – Glocote Protective Coating

From £26.73
Coo-Var Glocote Protective Coating is a clear glaze which can be used to protect the exterior performance and prolong the colour retention of Glocote Fluorescent paint. Best uses This product is best used with other compatible products including Glocote Fluorescent Paint from weathering.

Coo-Var – Glocote Foundation Base

From £26.73
Coo-Var Glocote Foundation Paint is a high density white base coat to be used under Glocote Fluorescent paint to ensure the full performance of the product. Glocote Foundation Use under Glocote Fluorescent Paint to give white base. Dries in two hours.  

Coo-Var – Glocote Fluorescent Paint

From £40.10
Coo-Var Glocote Fluorescent Paint is a highly visible day time coating or when used under lights at night.
  • High quality luminous features
  • Excellent day and night time finish
Best uses This product is ideal for use on skips, bollards, bicycles, fishing floats, ships, bridges to identify any hazardous objects. Use this product after applying Glocote Foundation Paint.