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Axalta – Viterfloor EEF

From £39.90
A single pack, semi-gloss, epoxy ester floor coating for general purpose and light traffic areas. Anti-slip option available with the addition of anti-slip aggregate

Resideck – Rapid Clear Sealer

£86.40 Ex VAT
Resideck Rapid Clear Sealer is a two pack, fast curing, clear sealer designed to be used as the finish coat for other flooring products in the Resideck Rapid range.

Flexcrete – Unicem Flowcoat

£52.39 Ex VAT
Unicem Flowcoat is a versatile, two component cementitious coating / wearing screed for leveling and waterproofing tamped or uneven concrete floors, or floors with no waterproofing membrane.

Rustoleum – Epoxyshield Sealer

£36.15 Ex VAT
Epoxyshield Sealer: A water based clear and non yellowing coating.

PPG – Sigmadur ClearCoat

£52.76 Ex VAT
PPG Sigmadur Clearcoat is a two component, aliphatic clear acrylic polyurethane gloss finish, suitable for application over aluminium pigmented polyurethanes.

RSL – Resupen WB

£93.11 Ex VAT
Resupen WB is used for sealing porous surfaces and providing a more cleanable protective coating

Axalta – ViterChlor HBV

ViterChlor HBV by Axalta is a chlorinated rubber semi-gloss finish coating for steelwork.
  • Mainly used for the repainting of structures previously painted with a chlorinated rubber system
  • Dries at low temperatures and is highly water resistant
  • Easy to touch up or overcoat after an extended period
  • Withstands attack by chemically active gases and dust
  • For maintenance painting of structural steel, it can be used over ViterBond ST200 or ViterBond WG200 patch primers
Best uses This product is ideal for use within the general industrial sector, particularly useful on steel substrates.