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Axalta – Viterthane PLV – Gloss Finish

Viterthane PLV by Axalta is a two pack recoatable polyurethane gloss finish for use on protective systems for steelwork.
  • An aliphatic polyurethane providing a tough and durable gloss finish together with excellent gloss and colour retention
  • Excellent chemical resistance and low temperature curing down to -5ºC
  • Withstands dry heat up to 150ºC (discolouration may occur)
  • Use as a site or shop applied finish
  • Easily cleaned gloss surface
Best uses This finishing coat should be applied over an intermediate coating or appropriate primer. Use Viterthane PLV on structural steelwork within heavy duty sectors. Browse a range of RAL and BS colours here at Maker Coating Online.

Axalta – ViterLac ABV

ViterLac ABV is a high gloss finish coating, containing high build properties when applied by brush or spray. Formulated by Axalta, this product is ideal for structural steelwork.
  • Where a relatively fast drying high build gloss finish is required
  • Fast drying minimises dust contamination to give a durable high gloss finish
  • For use as a finish coat over ViterPrime 035 and other alkyd primers
  • For application by airless spray with a high degree of sag resistance for spraying on difficult configurations
  • Suitable for agricultural and earth moving equipment and general use

Axalta – ViterWall 261 – Steel Coating

ViterWall 261  is an epoxy, solvent-free gloss coating for use on walls and steelwork.
  • Excellent chemical and solvent resistance, together with high impact and abrasion resistance
  • Easily cleaned coating for use in food and pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants and aggressive industrial environments
  • Low odour -may be applied in poorly ventilated areas where solvent fumes would be undesirable
  • Suitable for application onto concrete or structural steelwork
  • Can be applied on site
Best uses The ViterWall 261 is a finishing coat and should be applied over an appropriate primer or mid-level coating.

PPG – Phenguard 940 – Epoxy Topcoat Finish

From £85.03
The PPG Phenguard 940 is part of the leading SigmaGuard range. This two-component high build amine adduct cured phenolic epoxy finish provides excellent resistance to a range of organic acids, alcohols, edible oils, –fats (regardless of free fatty acid content) and solvents Product features
  • Maximum cargo flexibility
  • Low cargo absorption
  • Good resistance to hot water
  • Recognised corrosion control coating
  • Good application properties, resulting in a smooth surface
  • Easy to clean
Best uses The Phenguard 940 offers ideal adhesion to the Phenguard 935. Can be applied easily and effectively with quick drying properties.