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Teknos – Woodex Aqua Base Plus

From £13.56
Woodex Aqua Base Plus by Teknos is a wood preservative product approved according to the regulations in the Biocidal Products Regulation 528/2012 (product-type 8). Approval no. UK-2013-0783-1-0001.

Teknos – Woodex Aqua Solid

From £10.87
Teknos Woodex Aqua Solid is to be used for renewed treatment of old, faded wood stain surfaces, and also when a uniform colour is desired on old and new wood stain surfaces. Suitable also for use on new and press-impregnated wood. Typical objects are walls, covering boards, fences, window frames, etc.

Teknos – Woodex Aqua Classic

From £10.50
Teknos Woodex Aqua Classic is a water-borne, oil-based, non-film-forming transparent wood stain for outdoor use. Protects wooden surfaces from moisture, soiling & when tinted protects from UV fading.

Teknos – Helo 15/40/90

From £10.82
Teknos Helo is a fast drying solvent based varnish with good resistance properties. This varnish is suitable for varnishing all demanding woodwork indoors and outdoors. Available in 15%, 40% and 90% gloss levels.

Teknos – Helo Aqua 20/40/80

From £15.84
Teknos Helo Aqua is a single pack, polyurethane, water-borne special varnish based on polyurethane dispersion. For wooden surfaces indoors and outdoors. Available in 20%, 60% and 80% gloss levels.

Teknos – Aku De Luxe 20/55

From £74.00
Aku De Luxe by Teknos is suitable for flotex, felt and mohair trowel application on parquet and wooden floors. Not suitable for the lacquering of diamond pine and chemically treated wood, e.g., smoked oak.

Teknos – Futura Aqua 3

From £12.50
Futura Aqua 3 is a water-borne, full-matt, alkyd based adhesion primer. For wooden and galvanized surfaces indoors as well as for wooden surfaces outdoors.

Teknos – Futura Aqua 20/40/80

From £13.80
For a rich, satin finish for internal and external wood or metal work. Waterborne urethane alkyd based top coat for detached and fixed furniture indoors and outdoors.

Teknos – Woodex Aqua Wood Oil

From £7.10
Woodex Aqua Wood Oil by Teknos is a water borne tintable wood oil that penetrates deep into the wood. Designed especially for protection of outdoor garden furniture made of pine and exotic woods, for example teak, hardwood, oak and mahogany.

Teknos – Aquatop 2600

From £31.50
Aquatop 2600 by Teknos, is a water borne industrial topcoat for wood designated for exterior use such as windows and doors.

Teknos – Aqua Primer 3130

From £22.50
Teknos Aqua Primer 3130 is a water bourne microporous primer designed for application on to exterior soft wood joinery typically European redwood or MDF. Suitable Primer for use under Aqua Top 2600.

Teknos – Aqua Primer 2900

From £22.60
Aqua Primer 2900 by Teknos is a translucent water borne industrial primer for new wood designated for exterior use such as windows and doors.