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PPG – Sigmacover 456 HS – Tinted Colours

From £112.00
Sigmacover 456 HS high solids epoxy primer & coating is available in a range of tintable shades. This two-component coating is designed for general purpose protection and can additionally be used on structures exposed to marine and land conditions. With excellent water resistance. Best uses Use this product for effective rust prevention and long-term flexibility on steel and concrete substrates for best results. Apply Sigmacover 456 HS to most aged rubber, alkyd and epoxy coatings.

PPG – Sigmacover 456 HS – Standard Colours

£387.48 Ex VAT
The Sigmacover 456 HS is a two-component high solids recoatable zinc epoxy primer and coating. Best uses Use this product for excellent rust prevention and long-term flexibility.

Axalta – Protegaclad – Bonding Coat

Axalta Coating Systems (formerly Spencer Coatings Group) Protegaclad Bonding Coat is recommended for the maintenance of architectural cladding
  • Wide colour range to suit all finishing shades.
  • Specifically formulated for adhesion to stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanising, aluminium, PVF2, silicone polyester and other cladding types.
  • Functions as an adhesion bond coat and anticorrosive primer/sealer for metal substrates.
  • Recoatable with ProtegaClad top coats plus a selected range of other topcoats
  • Cures down to 0oC and is tolerant of slight surface moisture during application.
  • Suitable for use as a blast/holding primer on blast cleaned cladding substrates.

Axalta – ViterZinc 99 – Epoxy Primer

ViterZinc 99 Epoxy Zinc Rich is a two pack epoxy zinc rich primer for steelwork

Axalta – ViterBond WG200 Epoxy Primer

ViterBond WG200 Epoxy Primer by Axalta is a two pack epoxy, high-solids, low-temperature curing surface tolerant aluminium primer.
  • Cures down to 2oC
  • Use as a rust inhibiting primer on hand prepared steel, or as a high build patch repair primer under most generic coating types
  • Excellent anticorrosive protection
  • Excellent ‘wetting’ properties for application to a manually prepared steel surface
  • Good chemical and solvent resistance
  • Use to upgradea conventional system to high performance epoxy/polyurethane
  • Can overlap onto aged, sound chlorinated rubber, vinyl or alkyd products
Best uses The ViterBond WG200 Epoxy Primer is perfect for use on steel substrates in heavy duty sectors.

Axalta – Viterbond ST200

The ViterBond ST200 epoxy primer by Spencer Coatings is a two-pack epoxy, high-solids aluminium primer to repair under the majority of generic coating types.