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Resimac – Metal Repair Stick

£13.20 Ex VAT
Metal Repair Stick is a single component repair putty in stick form which cures rapidly at room temperature after mixing.

Maxkote – Maxpipe 100

From £22.00
MaxPipe 100 (MPI 100) Pipe repair bandage water activated is high-performance, rapid curing, moisture activated bandage, developed explicitly for the repair of leaking pipes.

Resimac – Metal Repair Paste 101

£87.46 Ex VAT
A two component solvent free epoxy metal repair paste.

Resimac – Resichem 511 Ucen

From £175.00
Resichem 511 UCEN  is a high build solvent-free epoxy novalac coating designed to provide outstanding chemical and corrosion protection of steel and concrete structures

Resimac – Resichem 570 Concrete Repair XF

£34.00 Ex VAT
Resichem 570 Concrete Patch Repair XF is a self-priming three part solvent free epoxy repair mortar designed for use on cementitious surfaces.