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Rustoleum – Elastofill

From £6.05

Rustoleum Elastofill performs with high elasticity and can absorb strong expansions. Elastic, paintable jointing paste

An elastic, paintable jointing paste based on acrylic dispersions for sealing, jointing, filling.
  • Resistant to aging, weather & temperature variations
  • Waterproof
  • For sealing, jointing, fixing
  • Good adhesion
Best uses Use the Rustoleum Mathys Elastofill to recoat, fix and seal metal, glass, hard PVC, tiles and wood. This easy application product can be coated with various paint systems.

Rustoleum – Biosan Sealant

£5.72 Ex VAT
Rustoleum Biosan Sealant is a water based bactericidal elastic jointing paste based on acrylic dispersions. Forms a rubberlike mass with permanently high elasticity (> 900%) after evaporation of the water - can absorb strong expansions and deformations - alkali resistant - waterproof – very good adhesion - easy application. Helps to maintain a hygienic environment. Best uses Sealing, jointing, filling, fixing, glueing on concrete, wood, metal, glass, hard PVC, tiles, plaster, alu-bitumen, etc.