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Axalta – Viterfloor Acid Etch – Clear Solution

£27.20 Ex VAT
ViterFloor Acid Etch is a high-quality etching solution for concrete, developed by Spencer Coatings. A method of removing laitance prior to painting Generally used where vacuum blasting is impractical Use only with thin film flooring systems Best uses
  • For use in areas that are too small or difficult to vacuum blast
  • For use with conventional or thin film flooring systems with low mechanical wear
  • Not recommended for high build solvent free systems which are subject to heavy wear

Axalta – ViterFloor 1105 Acrylic Sealer

  • Use on concrete floors in light traffic areas to stop dusting and dirt retention and to ease cleaning
  • Rapid drying and gives a protective, translucent finish
  • Resistant to petroleum spirit and lubricating oils
  • Stops water penetration on exterior driveways and therefore reduces freeze-thaw damage
  • Can be applied by brush or roller with little wastage

Rustoleum – Asphalt Repair 5410

£55.40 Ex VAT
Rustoleum Asphalt Repair is a durable bitumen-based patch repair for use on exterior pot-holed asphalt and concrete. This simple to use product means that no mixing is required before use.
  • Repairs potholes and other gaps
  • Specifically manufactured for external use
  • Use on tarmac as well as concrete
Best uses This premium product is ideal for repairing and filling in concrete and asphalt potholes. The Rustoleum Asphalt Repair works on roadways, car parks, pathways, loading docks, patios, driveways and many more masonry surfaces.