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Teknos – Rensa Super

From £3.75
Rensa Super is an efficient universal detergent for washing of all kind of building surfaces and for pre-treating surfaces before painting. For in- and outdoor use. Rensa Super is an evaporating detergent, which is not necessary to rinse with water. Using the detergent is quick and easy: wipe of the dirt, let it dry for 5 minutes and paint.

Teknos – Rensa Steel

From £3.75
Rensa Steel is a very efficient citric acid based detergent for pre-treatment of galvanized sheet-iron and zinc-coated steel surfaces before painting.

Teknos – Rensa Façade

From £4.47
Rensa Façade is an efficient detergent for washing external surfaces of buildings and pre-treating surfaces before painting. It removes dirt, mould, algae growth and other impurities which may weaken the adhesion of the paint.

Teknos – Rensa Anti-Mould

From £10.55
Rensa Anti-Mould kills mildew, lichen and algae growth from external surfaces of buildings. It is easy to spray on e.g. tile and felt roof, stone paving, brick wall or fence and let the growth be removed by the effects of weather. Rensa Anti-Mould disinfects the surface and gives a long-term protection.

Resideck – Epoxy DPM

From £78.00
Resideck Epoxy DPM is a two pack epoxy resin-based primer/coating, which has been developed to function as a moisture suppressant, allowing the early installation of moisture sensitive flooring

Axalta – Viterclene C

£76.20 Ex VAT
Viterclene C single pack of bio-degradable detergent wash for the efficient removal of dirt, oil or grease.

Maker Coating – Clean & Etch

£19.26 Ex VAT
Maker Coating Clean & Etch is an etching solution designed to clean and degrease bare concrete surfaces to improve penetration and adhesion of coatings, paints, stains and sealants.