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Teknos – Pento Fluid Silverwood

From £60.10
Pento Fluid Silverwood by Teknos gives a natural and even weathered look to cladding whilst protecting it from the elements. Apply one coat direct to timber cladding using an airless spray, no primer required.

Trimite – One Pack Primer/Sealer

£59.56 Ex VAT
Trimite One Pack Primer has been formulated as a fast drying primer and is widely used in a variety of systems, on ferrous and plastic substrates.

Selemix – Selemix Direct

£74.91 Ex VAT
Selemix Direct is a polyurethane coating based on a PU 2K technology to be applied direct on substrates.

Tor – Unicover S & W

Unicover™ S and Unicover™ W have been developed for the fast and cost effective refurbishment of architectural cladding.

Rustoleum – Metal Cladding PVDF Primer

£47.00 Ex VAT
Metal Cladding PVDF Primer is a super adhesion primer for cladding offering excellent adhesion on new or aged PVDF/PVF2 cladding. Also suitable for galvanised steel, zinc, aluminium and hard plastics the product is tack-free after just 30 minutes.

Axalta – Viterclad Bonding Coat

£68.75 Ex VAT
Viterclad Bonding Coat is a modified two pack epoxy adhesion and stabilizing primer, specially formulated for the maintenance and repair of architectural cladding.

Tor – UniCover Ultra

Unicover™ Ultra Roof and Cladding Finish has been specifically designed to provide a high performance and attractive finish for the refurbishment, decoration and protection of weathered roof and vertical sheet cladding.

Rustoleum – Metal Cladding Topcoat

The Rustoleum Metal Cladding Topcoat by Mathys is a quality coating for metal surfaces. Best uses Use this product on the following substrates as cost-effective alternative to replacement. Rejuvenate the weathered cladding and improve the life expectancy of the surface in a comprehensive selection of wonderful colour shades.
  • Galvanised steel
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Aluminium
Available in 10L