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Parex – CSU Grout

£30.35 Ex VAT
CSU Grout is a Portland cement based product with the addition of water resistant polymers designed for placement in saturated and under water situations. CSU Grout has high strength, good flow and non-shrink properties.

Natcem – Natcem 35

£35.00 Ex VAT
NATCEM 35 is a fast setting and fast curing mortar with a rapid strength gain that is resistant to chloride penetration

Mapei – Planitop Smooth & Repair R4

£27.95 Ex VAT
Planitop Smooth & Repair R4-class, rapidsetting, shrinkage compensated, thixotropic, fibre reinforced, cementitious mortar

Mapei – Planiseal 88

£56.33 Ex VAT
Planiseal 88 is a one component, polymer-modified, cementitious waterproofing coating to waterproof horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces for interior or exterior concrete applications

Mapei – Mapelastic

£125.13 Ex VAT
Mapelastic is a two-component cementitious mortar, flexible down to -20°C, for protecting concrete surfaces and structures

Flexcrete – Cemprotec Elastic

£153.20 Ex VAT
Cemprotec Elastic is an elastomeric, cementitious modified, polymer-rich coating which maintains its flexibility under permanent immersion and when exposed externally.