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Parex – Tecfast Concrete

£18.54 Ex VAT
Rapid setting concrete which allows road opening in one hour under normal conditions. Typical applications include the installation of road furniture, barriers and stanchion posts. Best Uses
  • Concrete repairs to accept foot and vehicular traffic
  • Forming of new pavement areas
  • Re-instatement of deteriorated pavement areas
  • Rapid repairs to roadways and runways
  • Structural support systems

Parex – Polyester Concrete

Polyester Concrete is a polyester resin based material suitable for the repair, surfacing, jointing and bedding of concrete, brickwork and masonry. The product is supplied as a two pack system ready for on site mixing, consisting of a tin of base resin and a bag of catalysed filler.

Parex – Polyester Mortar

Polyester Mortar is available in two grades, Summer and Winter, supplied as two component factory batched products. Component one is a polyester resin and component two is a catalyzed filler specially designed to both fill and harden the resin mortar.

Parex – Epoxy Mortar ET

£165.50 Ex VAT
Epoxy Mortar ET is a lightweight epoxy resin based concrete repair compound suitable for placing using hand tools. The three pack product consists of solvent free epoxy resin in a tub, a polybottle containing the hardener and a bag of specially graded lightweight filler.

Parex – Bondcoat UF

Bondcoat UF is a two part epoxy resin system consisting of a base component containing solvent free epoxide resin plus a low viscosity liquid hardener.

Parex – Aqua Plug

Aquaplug is a cement based shrinkage compensated ready to use mix including chemical modifiers and selected graded aggregates.

Parex – Polycure

Polycure is a specially formulated curing compound for use with all the Parex range of cementitious repair materials, mortars and grouts. The compound is an aqueous dispersion of an acrylic copolymer packaged in polybottles.

Parex – High Build Mortar

£22.61 Ex VAT
High Build Mortar is a high strength non-shrink cementitious product with “stay as placed” properties. Suitable for use in structural support situations and where good vibration resistance is required.

Parex – Pouring Concrete

£24.53 Ex VAT
Pouring Concrete is a blend of special Portland cements, high quality non ASR reactive aggregates and includes microsilica. The products contain no iron, high alumina cement, chloride or deleterious substances. The mortar powder, when mixed with water, produces a homogenous concrete which will not segregate or bleed and is non-shrink.

Parex – Tecfast

£20.79 Ex VAT
Tecfast Concrete is a single pre-mixed Portland cement based non-shrink concrete designed with selected graded silica aggregates and additives. The mixed product may be placed in sections of 20mm up to 650mm in a single pour.

Parex – Speedsure S Grout

£27.23 Ex VAT
Speedsure S Grout is a Portland cement based product giving high strength, good flow and non-shrink properties. The mix design contains a specially formulated blend of fine cement powders, a graded high purity sand, and a synergistic blend of admixtures.

Parex – CS Grout

£12.99 Ex VAT
Best-selling high strength free-flowing grout for a wide variety of grouting applications in industry, infrastructure, construction and civil engineering. CS Grout is a Portland cement based product giving high strength, good flow and non-shrink properties. Placed grout gives structural support and good vibration resistance.