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Axalta – ViterThane PDV Anti Graffiti Coating

ViterThane PDV Anti-Graffiti finish is a two pack polyurethane coating with very high gloss and excellent graffiti protective properties.
  • High impact and abrasion resistance and superb colour and gloss retention
  • Excellent chemical and solvent resistance
  • Low temperature curing down to -5ºC
  • For anti-graffiti properties on bridgework or other structures
  • Apply PDV in a colour as an anti-graffiti finish over an appropriate primer/intermediate, or apply PDV Clear over a coloured coat of ViterThane PLV or ViterThane PLS, to provide a UV stable anti-graffiti finish
Best uses Use this product to provide an anti-graffiti durable finish to steel substrates in the general industrial sector.

Rustoleum – Pegagraff Hydro – Anti Graffiti Protection Paint

From £50.10
Pegagraff Hydro is an anti-graffiti floor and wall coating for interior surfaces. Best uses Use against graffiti attack on painted interior substrates.

Coo-Var – Anti-Graffiti Lacquer Kit

£81.40 Ex VAT
Coo-Var Anti Graffiti is a complete kit set containing gloves, mixer, base and hardener.   Ideal for selected areas inside and outside. Great for use over already decorated walls to protect from permanent marking by providing an easy to clean surface. Best uses
  • Adheres well to concrete and brickwork.
  • Can also be applied to sound existing paintwork.
  • Acts as a surface sealer for application to masonry surfaces to reduce surface absorbency and ensure ease of cleaning in hygienic locations.

Rustoleum – Graffiti Shield Hydro Coating

£275.60 Ex VAT
Rustoleum Graffiti Shield Hydro is a water based permanent anti-graffiti coating with hydrophobic properties. Best uses Use on mineral surfaces to prevent and remove graffiti attack. Protects the surface against water and UV light in exterior environments.