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Maker Coating – Multi-Metal Anti-Corrosive Primer/Finish

From £7.55
Multi-Metal Anti-Corrosive Primer/Finish is a vinyl acrylic, one coat primer/finish for steelwork and galvanised steel, which does not need an etch primer.

Teknos – Ferrex Aqua

From £20.40
Ferrex Aqua is a water-borne anticorrosive pigmented and corrosion inhibiting anticorrosive paint and adhesion primer.

Corroless – Acothane DW

£70.00 Ex VAT
Acothane DW is a Solvent Free Polyurethane Coating for water tank lining and relining. This product is approved for use in public water supplies. It forms a corrosion and also erosion resistant protective coating for the refurbishment of all types of water and liquid retaining structures. Size: 2L Colour: Grey

PPG – Amerlock 400

From £58.27
Amerlock 400 by PPG is a two component high solids epoxy coating suitable for garage floors, walkways and other concrete and metal substrates. London Underground Approved - LuL APR No.1255

PPG – Sigmacover 410

From £76.65
PPG SigmaCover 410 is a two component, high solids, high build, epoxy coating designed for general purpose protection of steel and concrete structures exposed to atmospheric land or marine conditions.

PPG – SigmaPrime 700

PPG SigmaPrime 700 is a two component, multi-purpose, polyamide cured, anti-corrosive, epoxy product designed for general purpose use in protective coating systems

Llewellyn Ryland – Duralac Green – Anti Corrosive Jointing Compound

£12.75 Ex VAT
Duralac Green - Anti Corrosion Jointing Compound is to protect against dissimilar metals corrosion.
  • Developed for the aviation industry and now widely used in both marine and transport applications as an anti corrosive joiting compound between dissimilar metals.
  • Duralac Green has an improved environmental footprint and exceeds standard Duralac in performance.
  • Duralac Green has low solubility in water and will not erode with time; even when subjected to high pressure from considerable water flow.
  • Duralac Green enjoys excellent adhesion properties to most substrates and because of its tough flexible composition, has very low water absorption.
  • Duralac Green is a single pack, air setting product which if used correctly will prevent anodic decomposition.

Axalta – ViterZinc 99 – Epoxy Primer

ViterZinc 99 Epoxy Zinc Rich is a two pack epoxy zinc rich primer for steelwork

PPG – Sigmafast 205 LT – Tintable Shades

From £70.83
Sigmafast 205 LT is a two component high build polyamide cured zinc phosphate epoxy primer & coating Best uses Sigmafast 205 LT is for external, atmospheric conditions. This product offers high durability, fast-drying and easy application. Suitable as a primer & topcoat in one.

PPG – Sigmacover 456 – Standard Colours

From £69.16
Sigmacover 456 is a two component high build polyamide cured recoatable epoxy coating for metal and concrete structures that have been exposed to marine or atmospheric conditions. – general purpose epoxy build coat or finish in protective coating systems for steel and concrete structures exposed to atmospheric land or marine conditions easy application, both by airless spray and brush – cures even at temperatures down to -10°C – a high relative humidity max. 95%, during application and curing does not influence the quality of the coating – good adhesion on most aged, sound alkyd-, chlorinated rubber- and epoxy coatings can be recoated with various two component and conventional coatings even after long weathering periods – resistant to water and splash of mild chemicals – excellent durability – tough, with long-term flexibility

PPG – Phenguard 940 – Epoxy Topcoat Finish

From £85.03
The PPG Phenguard 940 is part of the leading SigmaGuard range. This two-component high build amine adduct cured phenolic epoxy finish provides excellent resistance to a range of organic acids, alcohols, edible oils, –fats (regardless of free fatty acid content) and solvents Product features
  • Maximum cargo flexibility
  • Low cargo absorption
  • Good resistance to hot water
  • Recognised corrosion control coating
  • Good application properties, resulting in a smooth surface
  • Easy to clean
Best uses The Phenguard 940 offers ideal adhesion to the Phenguard 935. Can be applied easily and effectively with quick drying properties.

PPG – Sigma EP 112 Miocoat – Epoxy Coating

From £55.38
Sigma EP 112 miocoat is a durable, two component, high solids, micaceous iron oxide, pigmented polyamine, cured recoatable epoxy coating for steel and concrete structures.